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Thursday, 7 June 2012

River Cruise and "walk-walk", Malacca

Finally we arrived at the Jetty.

I have been looking forward for the boat ride for so long. Last round when came here, it was RM10 for adult and RM5 for kids.

Mamarazzi was surprised to see the price had changed to RM20 for adult and RM10 for kids.

 *Wave * Wave* why the boat didn't stop?

When is the next one ah?

why so long one.....?

 Finally got a boat. But unlike last time, this boat brought us to the Jetty.

Surprised. Show Malaysian Identity Card will get 50% discount. Hence our fare were RM10 for adult and RM5 for kids.

While waiting for the boat, I fooled around. Eksyen...

 Nearly fell down.

 Nothing to it la....nobody sees.

Saw people  Kayaking. Surprised.....

sHere also can "kayak" ka?

 Spotted something....Can you see it?

It's a "biawak"( Monitor lizard). Saw two of these during our boat ride. amusement park...wanna go...can ah?

Why like that one....last round didn't get to go. This round also not going.

 Get ready...we are coming to the end of our journey.


 A bit of playing and a bit of photography.

Saw something from up here.

 who is the unlucky fella that kena saman ah?

 Mamarazzi was wondering what is this lady doing. She selling Mango or what? She just sat there and did not approach anyone to sell the Mango.

Next stop....delicious makan.


  1. I like your puzzled look...and the happy expressions too. Lizard is big

  2. Wah!!! Too bad you did not fall into the water. The biawak would have had a nice meal... Hehehehehehe!!!

  3. Yes---looks like the lady was selling mangoes. But--maybe she was tired of asking people!!!!!!

    Great boat ride.. I'd love that too.

  4. I was in Melaka as well last weekend. I didn't take the boat ride and just walked around. Hehe... Quite hot and crowded especially in Jonker Walk.

  5. I never been to Malacca before.....

    Looking forward to your next post..

  6. wah, RM20 for that ride ah, actually do you think it's worth that??

  7. so they purposely increase the price, but when you show myKad you got 50% discount.. hmmm, marketing gimmicks!!

  8. but looks like there's nothing interesting that you've found as seen in your photos.. besides the two huge lizards..

  9. and the way you ended the post, hahaha!! ok i know it's not really a recommendation to take the ride right?? unless you have extra money and extra time~~ geez :p

  10. the makan sessions are more interesting right?? :p

  11. Everything naik harga liaw.

    Nice ride anyhow.

  12. Wah, small kucing having fun. Next time take Aunty Quay Po.

  13. I also been on the boat once.. during the night, they have lightings on the buildings.. but i nearly fell asleep.. hahahaa..

  14. The prices of the ticket is to tipu angmo @@

  15. Just came back from Melaka trip, we did not visit any places since most of it we already visited, so kids just had fun in the swimming pool.,,Small Kuching look enjoyed a lot!

  16. I was at all these places and during the cruise, it brought back my memories of my trip to Venice.

  17. STP

    sobs dont want me already ahhhhh

  18. Sharon

    time to pay Melaka a visit

  19. Waco

    Thanks for dropping by

    Ya I guess holiday season many tourist in Melaka

  20. Mery

    You should consider going to Melaka. Nice place

  21. SK

    Worth the ride la..Coz they recite the history of all those places along the sungai.

  22. Claire

    Wah..night time very romantic leh and more cooling

  23. Sonia

    swimming pool ya...also fun

  24. Nava

    dont think it ca beat Venice


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