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Monday, 4 June 2012

Putu Piring and Jonker Walk, Malacca

Afte the heavy dinner we detoured to Jalan Tengkera for Putu Piring.

Mamarazzi had wanted to get the homemade kaya from this stall. Unfortunately, the lady boss said they did not have stock for the moment as her daughter who was the one making the Kaya had just given birth.

Well, maybe next time then.

Meantime, we had to be satisfied with the big Putu Piring. For your information, Putu Piring is a type of snack made of rice flour with Palm Sugar. At the bottom was grated coconut. Taste delicious.

Auntie Little Bird suggested we go eat Satay Celup but we were too full. Then Mamarazzi suggested we go for a walk at Jonker Street. During weekend they have Pasar Malam(Night Market)

Wah..."human mountain, human sea"(very crowded)

Eeee....Mr Bean's Bear.

There were a show going on but we did not stick around for long coz everyone were eager to see what else is there.

 Saw this man making popsicle by shaking the big container left and right. Hmmm funny.

 Mamarazzi bought one for me. 

Eh....I haven't finish leh...wanna walk some more ka?

Why so many people crowing this stall?

 Amazing. This lady no hands and yet can write beautiful Calligraphy.

Hmmmmm... hope for Mamarazzi to get this for me.

Wah ...very hot leh...wish I have a hand held fan like the man.

Mamarazzi bought this hand held fan for me

"New" thing for Mamarazzi. Never been here before

 Hi! Hi! Mr Elephant. Are you hot? Want me to "fan" you?

  龙的传人 (Descendants of The Dragon)?

Mamarazzi spotted the word "DURIAN"

 Oooo they are selling Durian Balls and Popiah.

 Rather expensive at RM5 for 3 pieces.

But indeed there was a lot of Durian inside.

At the end of the road, there were many trishaws waiting for customers and spotted a Dragon with water coming out from the mouth. After all this is the Water Dragon Year.

Next stop, Satay Celup.


  1. What a talented lady, with no hands and doing great things..

    I can see you all had lots of fun..

  2. Interesting. Never been to Jonker's ever since they've done up the place nicely like that. Haven't been top Malacca for years now...

  3. There's a Putu Piring stall in Singapore which i like very much, if i pass by, will sure buy it...

  4. Ah yes, the Durian. The fruit that looks like my bracelet pick;) Someday I shall try it:)

  5. Wah...look at all the nice food!! I love the popsicle!

  6. wow..wish I were there..

  7. eih, long time never seen putu piring already.. rarely can find it here lah.. that one huge one?? look so nice leh..

  8. wah, mamarazzi very familiar with malacca one ah?? even know where to buy nice kaya.. haha!!

  9. i've only stayed overnight in malacca for one time only, but that time didn't manage to go to jonker street at night also lah.. what a waste hor??

  10. i see there are more things at night than during the day lah.. hahaha!! those ice-pop, i think very famous in pasar malam also right?? actually i first found this in Bangkok years ago..

  11. RM5 for three little pieces is a bit expensive woh.. also i don't eat durians lah.. sure won't buy..

  12. hahaha, small kucing say people with no hands but still can write nice handwriting huh?? like that can give him a lesson to write his homework properly lah..

  13. My friends and I used to eat out from the street @ jonker but now Jonker street food is too expensive. We decided to eat at those nice restaurant which roughly about the same price in total.

  14. the gula Melaka filling is abundance from your photo, yummy!

  15. I haven't tried anything here during my trip there. I usually don't take street food, afraid kenna diarrhoea.
    Saw the talented lady too. Amazing! Was too paiseh to take pix. Hahaha! Lucky u, got to see the dragon spitting water :)

  16. ngam. Today i also posted about putu piring.hehheheh

  17. We love the PUTU PIRING from the same lady! It's a MUST every time we head to Malacca! (Hubby's a Malaccan.) YUUMMMMMM!

  18. Ling also blogged bout this putu piring..must be really good. Next time before my bb come I must go Melaka.

  19. Haha!!! both of us posted on Jonker Walk today. Putu Piring is my fav esp the sugar and coconut inside. I explored other types of food here and well some were splendid and others were so so.

  20. I miss Malacca especially after reading your post.

  21. thanks for sharing your adventures in malacca. Nice read indeed

  22. aiyoh!!! Should have followed u all to MaLACCA! NEXT TIME can take me ke?

  23. The lady crating the calligraphy is wonderful. Durian is a fruit? Hugs and wishes for a beautiful week ahead.

  24. I miss the popsicles, had one when I was there too (: and i miss the nyonya cendol also, very the nice yumyum

  25. I don't know Jonker Walk can be So happening ! When we were there last few months back, the street so quiet at night time and no night market..

  26. Now I'm craving for putu piring!

  27. STP\

    dont think you will like the place coz it was rather warm. Better sit somewhere cooling

  28. Sharon

    ooo blog about it lah . So that we know where to find good putu piring there

  29. Kitty

    ya...nice to eat while walking

  30. SK

    Here putu piring all use brown sugar instead of gula melaka...too sweet...

    blog walking so got to know varous place to eat lo

  31. Choi Yen

    real gula melaka....not brown sugar....nice

  32. Shirley

    ya gotta be careful too just in case of a weak stomach

  33. Mummy Gwen

    next time you go and have a taste see if t suit your taste

  34. Meitzue

    time to pay Melaka a visit

  35. Katie

    ya....amazing lady...yes it's a type of fruit

  36. Mummy Moon

    I think it opens during weekend only

  37. Ken

    arrange a trip to Melaka then


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