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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Power of Interactive Play Parenting Workshop 16 June 2012

Last weekend, we were invited to the "The Power of Interactive Play Parenting Workshop" organised by Fisher-Price, a brand known for it's innovative toys and creative method in building young minds.

I woke up very early in the morning excited to go

The people at the Registration Desk were very professional. In no time at all we were shown to our table.

It's a talk about Parenting by the distinguish Ms Carrie E Lupoli, Founder of Live & Learn (Singapore)

As we were early, I went browsing. 

Saw some of the toys there.

And "tested" some of them. Any toys that can withstand my rough handling, Mamarazzi would say its durable.

I love this Toy Kitchen the most. Some maybe be thinking, "eww..boys playing with doll house/kitchen??". Don't be alarmed. As Ms Carrie explained later on, boys can also play with dolls.

Welcome speech by the Emcee

A short speech by Ms Belinda Chee, Fisher-Price Brand Ambassador.

Then "school" starts.

Presentation by Ms Carrie Lupoli.

It was very informative for Mamarazzi and bad news for me as it was advised that kids my age should not spend more than 30 minutes a day watching Television.

Mamarazzi was surprised that Ms Carrie mentioned that it's alright for boys to play with dolls too.

It was not boring at all. 

There were activities and games.

Saw Mamarazzi did this.

And I copied her.

Role playing?

After awhile we had a short break. Makan-makan a bit.

Yikes! The rice quite spicy for my taste.

Then we went back in for Questions and Answers Sessions. The participants asked Ms Carrie some questions while we kids "questioned" this Cameraman Uncle about his camera.

Just before we go off, there was Lucky Draw.

We didn't get lucky but it was alright as every participants received a door gift from Fisher-Price
 and some sponsors

Found this in the goodies bag

I love this though it's a bit "young" for me.

Uiks! Carrie Junior is also one of the Sponsor? Yippee. toothbrush from Jordan

Various gifts. 

Thank you very much to all sponsors and most of all to Fisher-Price for organising "The Power of Interactive Play Parenting Workshop ". Certainly and eye opening experience. Beneficial to all parents and parents-to-be to attend this type of workshop.


  1. So nice to have so many events in The Klang valley!

  2. Not bad! so much to learn and have fun too...

  3. Wah!!! The emcee... Bigger than papakucing or not? LOL!!!

  4. hubby went this workshop before too & brought back the goodie bad with FP toy & others thing

  5. Nice workshop and the door gifts are attractive.

  6. Wahh..not bad wor. So many nice goodies.

  7. Goodies from Fisher Price sure good one.

  8. cool gifts. I'm sure baby kucing really enjoys 'em

  9. Great workshop....and I am sure you both had a great time :)

  10. Really nice to meet u up in real for the first time... After 'knowing' you for so long here.. haha!!!~~~~~~

    The workshop is really cool and informative..... I really enjoy especially the interactive part!

    My daughter love the doll so much as the doll can sing her favourite song.. haha! So cute!!

  11. It was a nice workshop. And the best thing is I get to meet you in person! What a priviledge!

  12. wow the bag of doorgift is huge! :) many new toys for him

    Latest: Thai Chakri Palace

  13. Wah, banyak untung from this workshop!

  14. When my kid was young, I used to take him to a lot of fun workshops. I wanna have fun again!!

  15. oho...he so active and the even is so happening!

  16. Chris

    ya a lot of thimgs in Klang valley

  17. Choi Yen

    the talk was pretty interesting

  18. Ling

    too bad you not well that day

  19. Prince and Princess mom

    nice meeting you too :)


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