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Monday, 18 June 2012

PJ Palms Sports Centre(formerly known as Kelab Syabas)

Weather hot like mad for the past few weeks. 

A week ago, Auntie Florence proposed to bring me to PJ Palms Sports Centre for a swim. I was so excited when Mamarazzi told me about it.

The next morning I woke up very early, eager to go "swimming".

We arrived there before 9am. Counter opens at 9am. For weekends, entrance fees for adult RM5 while kids RM3. Locker rental RM1.

 Once got the "ticket" I was so impatience that I "stripped" at the counter.


Looking for the kiddie pool

Err....kinda scared.

Very clean pool and nice warm water.

Place to take a shower before going into the pool

The adult pool

Very nice and comfy place

Mamarazzi got a nice seat under the palm tree. Too bad she had forgotten to bring along a good book to read.

 Replenishing some 'liquid".

Too soon it was too hot to play water.

We went to the nearby A & W for brunch. Too bad the service on that day was not up to out expectation. We had to remind the staffs about our drinks three times before they brought us our drinks.


  1. See that the place is nice and relaxing...

  2. whaaaa, small kucing really enjoyed his vacation. but ahm, isn't it "kucing" afraid of water? :)

  3. nice to enjoy the cool dip..

  4. Never been to this public pool. Oh that A&W is quite old and always crowded.

  5. ayoo naughty u buat semua girl-girl kat situ goes histeria tau, u striped depan-depan gate..tapi u make sure your daddy tak buat like that hhhaaa...auntie takut nanti itu Mr Policeman datanglah SK..have fun ye..;)

  6. they have refurbish the place ya.. nice..

  7. Oooo...nice waffle! You can swim already or not...or just go there and "play water"!

  8. That A&W next to Shah's Village Motel, is it? Used to stay there...and we would take Melissa when she was small like you to go to the A&W to eat and play, got small playground.

  9. whoa bestnya hehehe love all the pixies!! lil boy pergi swimming tak ajak!! majuk arrr.....

    BTW came by to tell mamarazzi im back blogging XD dah fix dah problem blog...

  10. Gosh, that reminds me I've haven't gone to the pool for more than a year! Lol! Feel like jumping into one right now :)

  11. Sorry I have been too busy last weekend to comment neither even update my blog.

    I used to hang out in Syabas too, swimming and than the same, head to A&W for a big mug of root beer float.
    Nice outing for your little one and he sure looks have enjoyed himself.

  12. there is one Gym over there right? The gym called Fitworx. My previous Personal Trainer's gym :)

  13. Oh, got slide! I didn't know this place existed but then, me very malas to bring C go swimming. Hardly even go to the one in our apartment...

  14. hehehe...Joshua can masuk "Master Universe!!" heheehe...

  15. Used to go there many years back with my boss and whole department around 8 people.....after swimming we go for karaoke in the club.....

  16. swimming definitely a good activity nowadays to fight the scorching sun!

  17. Wah, got slide! Never heard about this place before. Need to check it out!

  18. Vicky yes . Now A 7 W not crowded anymore

  19. Mell-o

    yay...good hear the problem fixed

  20. Nava

    now the pookl very nice already

  21. Pete

    there is still a club there but forgotten the name


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