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Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Simple Dinner with Seremban Salt Baked Chicken

Mamarazzi did not buy the Curry Chicken Bun from the Empayar Seremban Siew Pau. Instead she spotted Salt Baked Chicken and Herbal Baked Chicken. She would have liked to buy both. Unfortunately, the Herbal Baked Chicken was sold out

RM22 for a Salt Baked Chicken which Mamarazzi heated up for the next day dinner. RM5 more expensive than the one in Ipoh and no "Dong Guai". 

Size not that big. Looks juicy and tender enough.

Oh drumstick oh shall i eat you?

Mmm..nice. It was tender and the saltiness was just nice. Would certainly get this again if we go there.

Rice plus Salt Baked Chicken and Tau Pok Soup...yummy......

Psst Psst : Mommy Ling, can give recipe how to make these stuffed Tau Pok ka? Very sedap la.


  1. That chicken does look delicious... Small Kucing seems to enjoy the chicken -so I hope you get it again.

  2. Your vampire auntie makan itu salted chic... confirm pengsan. LOL! Salute u, can makan this!

  3. never know there is Salt Baked Chicken in Seremban.

  4. Auntie tried cooking the salted baked chicken - not nice, and in the end, we just threw it away. Maybe she did not have the original recipe...

  5. definitely great with rice..

  6. salted baked chicken? that must taste delicious. baby Kucing is really enjoying his drum stick

  7. Salted Baked Chicken is one of my fave dishes. Love it! I just made Fermented Beancurd Chicken Wings. Think u're gonna like that too! Head over to chk it out :)

  8. Wow.. macam sedapp...

  9. try 'bread wrap chicken' next time! another Seremban's specialty :)

  10. Ipoh is still cheaper? Gosh.. i dont know... didnt buy for quite a long time.. looking at this, maybe tomorrow i go get two.. tai yat chee...

  11. Me love salted baked chicken! :)

  12. Anything salt baked for me...I love salt!

  13. Betsy

    It was certainly delicious

  14. TZ

    we didnt know too till we went there

  15. Auntie Cleff

    this one no dong gwai la

  16. STP

    try see Elin's recipe . saw she baked that before

  17. Wenn

    whether rice or eat just like that its good

  18. Lawrence

    yes coz its still juicy and the meat not tough

  19. Shirley

    your chicky wing very yummy

  20. Simon

    that one is curry chicken bun right?

  21. Claire

    still cheap la coz wen ipoh was RM17 only and ipoh one is herbal herbal chicken was rm38 i think

  22. Courtney

    once in awhile eat this is okay but not always


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