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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mamarazzi went for BookXcess Mid Year Promotion

When Mamarazzi received this e-mail from BookXcess, she was rather excited.


Dear Book Lovers,
Don't miss our Mid Year Promotion for Fiction, Non-Fiction and Children Section :) Come and enjoy our GREAT deal!
Fiction (22nd June until 1st July 2012)

- 20% discount on ALL P.G. Wodehouse and Georgette Heyer titles

Non-Fiction (22nd until 28th June 2012)

- 20% discount on ALL Arts & Photography and Architecture & Design (A&D) titles

Children (22nd June 2012 until 1st July 2012)

- 20% discount on ALL Thomas & Friends titles (series)

On top of all these exciting offer, don't forget to have a peek at our New Arrival Collection on our facebook page ;) 

BookXcess operation time:
Mon - Fri : 10.30am - 9.30pm
Sat - Sun : 10.00am - 9.30pm

For general inquiries, feel free to reach us at

For online reservation, please send an email to

The BookXcess Team
L3-60 Amcorp Mall
18 Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya


The offer was so-so only la for her.  But she "saja" hand itchy wanna see what new stock they have there.

Yesterday morning she went there after sending me to school.

 Opppsss....mis-read . She thought it open at 10am but it was not. Well, the good news is that the shop opened for business right on the dot of 10.30am.

Well, she came back with a plastic full of books. Some RM9-90 books while others RM17-90 books. Some more get 10% discount for member price.

Also managed to grab these for a friend.  

But she didn't get anything for me *sulk*


  1. Books? No, thank you. They're for cockroaches... Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. hahahaha!! just want to go and kepoh but then came back with a bagful somemore..

  3. so what you did between 10am and 10:30am before they open??

  4. went to the McD opposite for a nice breakfast?? hehehehe.. sausage egg mcmuffin for RM2.50 promo~~

  5. i so long never been there already lah.. after since studying, read a lot of articles so don't want to buy anymore books, haha!!

  6. aiyoh, how come never get anything for small kucing!! see he is frowning already..

  7. awhhh mamarazzi bought so many books again!!! XD

  8. I'm not into books too. but hey, I love to read. sounds confusing eh?

  9. The first comment here made me crack my rips while lol!! Many book lovers will really benefit from this..
    Wishing you a great weekend

  10. SK

    Kepo means sure will have something bring back lo

    The McD promo no good geh. Have to print vouchers and limited to 4 per vouchers. Not enviromental friendly. Make la like need to print voucher.

    LOL...books for study and books for entertainment not the same mah

  11. Mell-o

    ya lor...Mamarazzi crazy again

  12. i like to buy book from bookxcess too...reasonable price.

  13. Lawrence

    I know whhere you are getting...ya you love to read but not books ..can read blogs, articles...newspaper...mag :)

  14. May

    STP is a great joker LOL...

    anyway hope you had a great weekend

  15. aren't bookxcess just the best?! :D

  16. many books, you can open a library :)

  17. sirene

    I have to agree with you on that


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