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Friday, 1 June 2012

Makan-makan at Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

We went to the hotel straight after teatime at Nadeje.

By the time we check-in Hotel Seven, it was already 4pm. We ere happy with our room. Pretty basic but most important for Mamarazzi is that it was clean and spacious.

All the shower heads and stuffs were in working order unlike the last time were we stayed at a so called 3 stars hotel.

Auntie CY can't help noticing that there were no "yellow" stains in the kettle provided.

By 5pm we set off to the Portuguese Settlement for an early dinner coz we had a lot of programme later in the night

Once again we ate here. This round we sat far away from that tree. I don't wanna do strip tease again there.

Papa ordered some grilled Otak-Otak.

The lady busy preparing the Otak-Otak for us.

Fuiyoh...price increased. Last round was 50sen, I think. Now it's 70sens.

Wah...very "red"

Shall I?

Jie Jie and Di Di ate. I must follow also la else "no face".

Hmmm...Mamarazzi wanted to order her favourite Mango Juice but it was not opened yet.

Meantime, we make do with the Soursop drink. There was real pieces of soursop in the drink but for Mamarazzi, she still fancy the mango drink.

I wanna go...I wanna follow Aunite and Uncle there. The kids are there.

I refused to post for photo. Kena Mamarazzi "twist" my head. Can see her fingers?

Faster la...enough of photos.

Threeeeee!!! errr duno why i do that.

Played awhile when Papa called said food have arrived.

Super duper crispy Chicken wings. Mamarazzi writing this post also drools when think about this.

First time ever for me to finish a Chicken Wing by my own and asked for more.

Steamed Otak-Otak

Opppss...don't know why there were so many empty shells. The meat dropped?

Mamarazzi liked this but can't eat much coz she felt a sore throat coming.

 while eating, she noticed the Mango Juice stall had opened. Rushed there to ordered a cup.

No wonder taste so good. They used two types of mango to make the juice

Yumm....yum...Mango Juice. Last trip someone mentioned that the Coconut smoothie is good. Mamarazzi ordered one to test.

Of the two, she still prefers the Mango Juice.

She spotted a few containers of pineapple tarts next to the Mango Juice stall and she asked the Lady Boss. The Lady boss said it's for sale. Her sister just made them that day.

Mamarazzi immediately bought one tub seeing that it's such a big tub and it cost RM10 only.

After having a taste, Mamarazzi immediately grabbed the balance 3 tubs. It suit her taste even though Papa said the pastry not enough butter.

Mamarazzi simply "heart" these Grilled Brinjal with Black Pepper.

We ordered Grilled Fish but not sure why it took us a long time to finish this.

Yummy Scallop with fried garlic.

You see this, you know whose favourite dish la.

Another round of photo taking as the sun was setting.

But I preferred to Monkey around. Too hyper already. Can't wait for the next stop.

This is the address should you feel like trying out their food.

Restaurant J & J Corner
No 10 Medan Selera
Perkampungan Portugis
75000 Melaka
Open : Tuesday to Sunday Close on Monday
Business Hours : 5.30pm to 12am
Tel :  012-2718134 Julie/012-6081724 Claudine


  1. Ooooo...otak-otak!!! Oooo...all the nice food. This kind of food, I like best. Hawker fare and spicy, pedas-pedas. Yum yum! You can have all the chicken, thank you.

  2. Waah so many food. So tempting...

  3. U making me crave for otah now, kakaka...

  4. the bridge has definitely changed. my last trip to the setllement was some 22 years ago! *shy*

    not too sure why my recent trips to malacca did not include the portugese settlement.

  5. yalah, most important thing for hotels is clean and tidy.. i don't care if it's 5-star or 3-star..

  6. wah, that otak-otak how come so red?? got lots of additives and colorings ah??

  7. wow, this post is so full of food!! haha, food hunting in malacca looks fun huh??

  8. not bad woh those food, i like those chicken wings.. maybe can finish the whole plate haha!! of course not eating anything else lah..

  9. ooopss, those pineapple tarts!!

  10. wow..this is something new to me.. how to go there ah.. no gps some more.. no choice, next time have to follow your gang!!

  11. Feel like cheated when so many empty shells in my plate of food >.<

  12. Melacca Pineapple tarts are very famous.

  13. wa..the food looks good. Must go Malacca one of these days :) No chance to travel there at all...shiok tengok you all makan sedap sedap...jealous lo I :p can see small kuching eating the otak otak :) tak pedas ka?

  14. Hey, the chicken wings looks really good! Tried Otak in Malacca too but it was M$8!! Tho expensive, it was one of the best I've ever eaten. Nice to see your post of Malacca too. We can compare the food. Yummy!

  15. Can only see no chance to go Melaka already this school holiday. All the food looks so good.

  16. LOL!! I had a good laugh at the pic with mamarazzi's fingers holding the head in place! :D
    So much food!

  17. Awesome nice.. Coconut shake!

  18. how much is the dinner? i always have an impression that malacca seafood is expensive.

  19. STP

    come come ..we go once more

  20. Sharon

    come come...singapore is near to melaka

  21. Missyblurkitt

    Looks like many changes there

  22. SK

    Yup...the food here very nice.

    Mamarazzi likes the tarts so much she borong 4 tubs LOL

  23. Choi Yen

    :( must have dropped out

  24. Shirley

    ya the fried Chicken was real GOOD

  25. Ping

    LOL degil mah...ask to look here dont wanna look here

  26. Nikel

    love the mango juice more

  27. TZ

    not that expensive...around rm150


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