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Friday, 15 June 2012

Mad About McD Cars

Last month McDonald was giving out Toy Cars and Barbie for their Happy Meals. 

We discovered this when Papa brought me to McD Subang Parade and bought me a Happy Meal. They gave me this cool HotWheels Die Cast Car.

To Mamarazzi it was worth it. A Happy Meal cost around RM9. McD was giving out HOTWHEELS cars leh. If buy from toy shop, it would cost around RM7-RM8 each. 

The next week I was naughty. Papa and Mamarazzi were very angry with me. Did not bring me to McD at all. But when we were in Port Dickson, after Mamarazzi "wek wek", she asked papa to drop by McD to "tapau" some thing just in case she gets hungry later.

Mamarazzi relented and asked Papa to get me a Happy Meal too coz I did not eat much earlier on. She was surprised why they gave me this "Black" colored car as it was supposed to be a "white sport car".

Unknown to her, McD gave out new cars on Wednesday, not Friday. We missed the boat by two days.

Looks like Mamarazzi was more disappointed than me.

Coming back to KL, it was back to school time. After my school Sports Day, Papa drove us to McD Kota Damansara to see whether they still have the white car.

Too bad they don't have. Instead, the lady gave me a stack of cards. Guess, Mother's Day is over and these are the excess cards.

It's a garden

Take out and made into a Garden for mothers. Guess I was supposed to color the flowers before putting them up.

Papa did not give up and we drove on to McD at The Curve. 

Yay! They have excess stock for this car. Finally got the White Sports Car that Mamarazzi I wanted.

During school holiday, Cikgu brought us out for a school trip. We stopped to have lucnh at McD. Yay....collected the fourth Car. But this one is not as nice as the other three coz it's a bit plasticky. Not Die Cast Car.

It didn't matter to me. I loves all cars. I have loads of toys cars. If you wanna give me a present, give me toy cars and I'll be the happiest boy ever.

See...I snap photos of some of my cars for you to see. They are having traffic jam coz got kerete lembu simply parked everwhere.


  1. i thought now McD is having Madagascar toy ?

  2. Chi Yen

    McD is giving Madagascar toy this month. The Cars one was last month. We finally collected all four recently

  3. My son has a huge collection of cars too. I can imagine the joy of your little one :) As long as it's toys & not real cars, I'm fine. Hahaha!

  4. Lots of cars...Ryan also love cars.

  5. He certainly have a huge collection of cars. I could not recall having so much cars when I was small.Kids nowadays indeed lucky.

  6. Nice Mother's Day box... Love it! Wah!!!! So many cars, how much spent altogether? I had my share of that when Melissa was small. LOL!!!

  7. Wah, nice collection of CARS! My boy would love that. I thought they were giving out Barbie toys only. Should have get some cars!

  8. wah sk have so many cars to play with, now don't be naughty now SK.. mama and papa are very generous

  9. Wahhhh, so many cars. Now I know what to get for small kuching birthday alrdy lah xD

  10. You must learn how to be a traffic enforcer so that your cars won't be jam on a traffic.

    happy fathers day to your dad baby kucing.

  11. You must learn how to be a traffic enforcer so that your cars won't be jam on a traffic.

    happy fathers day to your dad baby kucing.

  12. Nice collection of cars and I suppose its better than some silly small toys.

  13. Boys sure love cars! Don't say boys la, my Chloe also likes Hotwheels and she actually chose these cars over Barbie @_@

  14. so every month you gonna collect mcd toys? :) how many sets will you have to buy. *nom nom*

    Latest: Summer Splash from Paris

  15. I used to buy cars for my boy too..but now he's grown, all were given away

  16. many ye... I think most boys love cars.. including mine too! :)

  17. *laugh until tergoleks* Last time when they are giving away Madam Alexander dolls... ur Auntie Little Bird oso visited McD alot. =.= ate mcd everyweek... now auntie little bird feel sked to go mcd liao...for the time being dun wan go...unless got nice toys again la, that is. LOL!

  18. Kitty

    ya they have cars for boys and barbie for girs

  19. Nava

    worth it la these hotwheels

  20. Fish

    it depends on what toy lo

  21. Claire

    now u know what to get for Christmas la :p

  22. AUntie Cleff

    got nice cars toy ah...for me


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