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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Journey Back To Kampung

Where did you go for school holiday? For us, we "balik kampung"(went back to hometown).

It takes at lest 6 hours drives to Ah Mah's house. 

Very early in the morning, we set off. Stopped awhile in the market to grabs some stuffs and some delicious Pau. They do love Pau back home.

Gosh...there was a lot of traffic. Guess, everyone is going out of town for holiday.

Stopped by the Pesta Nenas to grab some Pineapples

so many how to choose ah? Asked the fella to choose for us la. Haiz...mana tau the fella also don't know how to choose. Arrived Ah Mah's house saw that one of it have hole ad the other were not so nice. 

This fella must be holding "L-Licence" in choosing Pineapples gua.

Got something new too.

Saw they are selling Watermelons , one "longgok (Stack) RM10 only.

Same goes for the Golden Pumpkins

Stopped by Kor Kor Jon's place to play cars have lunch. Delicious Chicken wings cooked using HCP.

Whole container of Yee Mee. Paiseh paiseh...saw got a lot of prawns. Must be cooked purposely for us.


Along the road, Mamarazzi saw stalls selling Durian.

Papa asked wanna stop or not... Of course ler Mamarazzi said YES!!! sleepy leh after the heavy lunch

Faster la....sleepy leh.

All very fresh ...can see from the super sharp "duri" (Thorn)

Not bad...arrived Ah Mah's home, opened up the durians...all very good. Taste good too. 

After makan durian..makan Banh tet pulak. Ganas leh..


  1. what a lovely bunch of pictures you have shared--looks like a nice day--hi new follower!

  2. Musim durian is back and mamarazzi will start haunting for durian agaian XD..hehehe the chicken wings make me hungry la pulak.. mamarazzi give me some please :D

  3. Hi There, I haven't been back to my hometown in a long time. I don't have any family members living there anymore... But--when I do go, I usually visit old friends.

    Love watermelons and we usually eat one for the 4th of July...


  4. Buy local for freshness in taste and nutrition, good buy and good find. You are saving up on green mileage, hence Mama and Papa Kucing are setting a good example for Small Kucing Where is this place with Pesta Nenas and Buah-buahan?

  5. Pineapples, must come and eat in Sibu lah - the Sarikei ones and the kelapa sawit ones... So sweet and juicy!

    Oh? Yee mee can fry one kah? I've some... Must try one of these days.

  6. First time I see watermelon & pumpkin selling in one longgok. Where is your hometown? 6 hours long journey, your hometown is Kedah or Alor Setar ar??

  7. wah SK..balik kampung, no wonder jadi 6 hours kan, lots of stopover kan..he he he..

    eh..that pineapple stall tu cam yang auntie also jumpa bila balik kampunglah...kampung SK kat mana ye..kampung auntie kat dungun, ganu...he heh e

  8. where is your Ah-Mah kampung?

    Love the durian..looks good.

  9. Alamakkk so many tempting food! Hehe.. My Latest Entry:
    JJCM: Chicken Rice Shop (Wangsa Maju)

  10. hahahaa...durians! I think I take one or two seeds per day enough.. eat moderately... otherwise STP will "spank" me in my posts!

  11. want to eat durian but already been KO-ed, need hold until I recover T_T

  12. To tell the truth, I'd love to visit a real kampung one day as I've never really explored before. Oh, minus the durian. Hahaha!

  13. wahh...sell at selonggok..not bad wor.

  14. not yet durian season here...uhuhuhu

  15. Durian is so yummy...why weather is so hot? If not, I will wallop them.

  16. Seeing the durian, make me want to have one now.

  17. OMG, drooling at seeing the durians, i loves, whahahaha...

  18. Wah, the watermelon selonggok RM10 only?? So cheap!! I also want to go to your kampung!

  19. The watermelons are a steal ! Where is this pesta nenas, btw ?

  20. Gosh I wanna have durian too!! :D

  21. I love the chicken wings, they look so good.

  22. Wah, durian....good....had durian almost everyday....he he he

  23. It's been a while since the last I had Durian!!

  24. Selonggok watermelon only RM 10, can eat until "lou sai", hahaha..

  25. Lynn

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  26. Mell-o

    ya lo hunting for durian...yum yum

  27. Betsy we can have it all the time

  28. Autumn

    its in Kemaman not KL LOL

  29. STP

    ewe......Mamarazzi dont like pineapple.....only ah mah likes

  30. Mery

    Trengganu. The durian there very nice

  31. Claire


    main spanking pulak...lucky auntie little bird not here

  32. Choi Yen

    must faster recover else musim over

  33. Shirley

    ah mah "kampung" is not a "kampung" in real sense. It's actually a city

  34. AB

    your side got orchard. here tarak :(

  35. Andrew

    lol...we hentam and ate

  36. Kitty

    yes by longgok but nice or not we dont know coz we didnt buy

  37. Coffeesand cookies

    its in kemaman

  38. Sonia

    memang lausai lor if eat all


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