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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dinner at Pantai Teluk Ketapang, Kuala Trengganu

 Which one to go to? So many restaurant near the beach. Pantai Teluk Ketapang which is located near the Airport seems to be a very "happening" place nowadays.

Saw there are pony rides, kite flying and those big big cars/bikes that can go VROOM on the beach. I was keen to play but Mamarazzi said it's gonna rain.Better go sit in one of the restaurant and have our dinner.

Heard that this place is famous for its Sotong Goreng(Fried Squid)

Okay la....just hentam the restaurant nearest to our car.

 which one shall i choose?

Lime, orange or watermelon juice?

Papa asked "you want it rare or well done"

My face kena sunburn.

 Ordered some Keropok Lekor.

But it was rather tough. Maybe they fried the keropok Lekor again.

 Had their Soup Tulang. MMm....nice.

 This mixed vegetable may looked bland but it was nice. Very crunchy.

Had Udang Goreng(Fried Prawns) The prawns were quite big and juicy.
 Fried Squid. Also fresh.

Papa saw nearly every table have Fried Kembong Fish. He ordered two. Surprisingly the size was quite 

Mamarazzi don't eat ikan Kembong so she can't comment but Papa seems to enjoyed it very much.

Total bills for food and drinks came up to RM53.  Pretty reasonable price.

Sorry, it was raining very heavily when we were having our dinner. Mamarazzi did not noticed the restaurant name. But food at most restaurant along the beach should be good as Mamarazzi noticed nearly every restaurant there are full with diners.


  1. *horror* lain tahun please warning dulu wanna come out sotong post. T_T at least auntie would have come with tummy full... now see what u have done? Tum tum playing rock song liao!

  2. I can see all the choices to make...looks like you enjoyed it:)

  3. Hi There, Tell Mama that she needs to publish a book --talking about all of the restaurants you go to, giving a review. She should include ones that you don't like so much too... It would be a great restaurant review book...


  4. The last three macam all the same recipe? The sup tulang looks good...

  5. The prawns makes me drooling, wkakakaka....

  6. I love sup tulang! Yummy!!

  7. Small Kuching, your face seems like sunburned. Must apply more moisturize gel like Aloe Vera.

    RM53 seems pretty reasonable. Not bad the foods.

  8. Great place by the sea. The food they serve must be very fresh and tasty. Lucky you, i always love to be by the sea :}

  9. I like those topping on prawns, fish and sotong. Crunchy and crispy.

  10. Would like to try the squids if I could... one day.. it looks like meat floss on top.. :)

  11. that fried squid, we call it calamares here.

  12. haha, too many restaurants?? sure a lot of tourist going there..

  13. so did you pick the right restaurant?? looks like ok lah, reasonable and all seafood are fresh too..

  14. but how come all the prawns, squids and fish are cooked in the same way?? all fried with the crumbs on top.. haha!!

  15. lime, orange or watermelon?? err, i will choose lime lor~~

  16. haha, forgotten you also had one "lobster" for your dinner!! :D

  17. pity, seriously sun burnt wor...
    Is those fried batter bits shredded on top of the sotong & fish?

  18. their goreng menu looks very similar! the prawns, squid and fish...all of the same style

    Latest: Arabic For You!

  19. I am loving the ikan kembung and these looks so tempting to me.

  20. Wow! All the food is my favorite. I love ikan bakar using kembong fish too.

  21. Betsy

    A book? LOL...that would be the day :)

  22. STP

    ya lor but taste good. Love the crunchy bites on top

  23. Diana

    LOL have applied.

    Ya not that expensive

  24. MD

    yes, we like it pretty much

  25. Yan

    That is one of the highlights...yumy

  26. Lawrence

    ya thats another name for it. Here more popular call sotong

  27. SK

    coz they way they cook there is like that one want masak hitam and etc also can but that ones are least popular .

    Mmnag becoming tourist attraction. Hope price wont naik la

  28. TM

    Ikan bakar then will have to go to Warong Katana. That one very nice


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