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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day Trip To Pulau Kapas, Trengganu

 Faster lah, Papa. I wanna go Pulau(Island) . Never been to Pulau Kapas.


Choose either Nasi Lemak or Mee Goreng...

Don't wanna eat can ah? Am anxious to go off.

Finally got our ticket RM75 to and fro by speed boat for the three of us.

 Hot...where is our boat? Is that our boat?

 Eee......a school of fishes under the boat. Papa said when we are at the island I can feed the fishes.

Got on to the speed boat. Mamarazzi and me got to ride at the upper deck. 

I told Mamarazzi that I am a bit worried as the Uncle was quite talkative and did not look ahead when he was driving. I "scared" the boat go down.

 The Light House with funny looking "rocks". Saw some people fishing there.

 Finally arrived on the island. Very lovely view. Water are clear and blue.

 Most people preferred swimming but this city boy preferred to play sand.

 Found an empty bottle.

Going to build myself a sand castle.

Papa was tired so Mamarazzi "ajak"(invited) me to go exploring with her.

Found an abandon "kayak"

 My first time on the "hanging bed".

Forced to pose for photo.

At the other side of the island, we found a quiet beach where there were school of fishes. Had great time feeding them.

 Tired of exploring. Came back for a drink and some biscuits.

Then Mamarazzi asked me to lay down.

Got buried by her in sand.

 Had me worried a bit.

I worried that my "birdie" cannot breath. Better poke some holes in the sand.

Pretty soon it time to go back. The boat came. \

Opps...not yet ah? Boat going to drop people at the other side of the island first ah?

Okay lo...Papa suggested that we have a drink at Restaurant Kapas Beach Chalet.

Surprisingly the people manning the restaurant were all "Ang Moh".Very friendly.

Surprisingly the price for the drink was not that expensive considering it's in the island. The coke was RM3 while Papa's Mango Lassi was RM8.

Wow...this place is pretty cool! Who wanna play with snake? Toy snake lah.

Got a kids corner with loads of toys but I love the most is CARS.

 Mamarazzi drools at their Books Corner.

Saw a broom and I pretended that I work there.

 Pretty soon our boat came but this round the top deck was full. I had to sit below. Quite hot.

I surprised Mamarazzi when in Papa's car. She barely had tme to put her seat belt on, then turn to look at me...she found me snoring already...

I "imported" some sands on my head and it dropped all over the seat.

 Sir, would you like your meat well done or rare?

 Despite applying sun block, I still turned into a Lobster by the end of the day. 

Everyone said it looks painful but for me, my skin is very thick. I didn't complain at all and even told Papa that I wanted to go to island again the next day


  1. Hi Small Kuching, My time back in the '60s, 70s Pulau Kapas was deserted, and except for a well where fishermen came to collect fresh water, nobody on Island.
    My friends and I camped, fished there very often then...
    Waters crystal clear too.
    See in your pics now a resort....nice pics.

  2. Poor thing, red like a lobster. But I guess it was worth it - all the fun... Wish I could go too - been years and years since I last had an outing like this.

  3. woah.. beach boy.
    In the end got sunburn but still feeling cool. hehe...

  4. So good, u all can go there day trip, me go, will have to be overnight liao...

  5. OMG...that hot & burning. No thanks...Come back in Lobsters...

  6. wow, pulau kapas!! nice!! i have not been there yet..

  7. the lighthouse island very nice woh, the rocks so special geh??

  8. yalor, RM3 for the coke and RM8 for the mango lassi.. not expensive at all, indeed cheaper than many restaurants here..

  9. wah!!! really looks like a cooked lobster already, sure very painful.. must apply sunblock beforehead mah..

  10. wah can see he had so much fun at the beach. Oh dear he get sun burn, hurt or not?

  11. Aunty Yan here is too old to suffer sunburn like Small Kuching. It may take years for Aunty Yan to recover la!

  12. The little man is really enjoying a lot.. Last week there was a fest here where you can pay to enter a speed boat, unfortunately we came late and we missed entering one..
    I must say this island is really beautiful..

  13. Pulau Kapas is a beautiful place though I have not been here before. Great fun for your little one.

  14. Never been to pulau kapas, the beach look so clean and nice.

  15. baby kucing did not use sunblock?

  16. Wah, sunburn......kucing loss all hair liao!

    PS : I prefer Tulips or Spam lucheon meat....they taste better...

  17. Oh dear...sun red. Painful or not? Your lil boy had so much fun at the beach!

  18. Must be very pain huh.... >.<

  19. LOL... Birdie cannot breathe! Muahahaha... So funny!

  20. I really miss my childhood days when my papa took me to various islands too!

  21. Uncle Lee

    Back in the 90s it was still deserted island.

  22. STP

    come over KL for a month long stay la

  23. Azura

    and still wanna go some more

  24. Sharon

    LOL....overnight the resort there are a bit pricey

  25. SK

    ya lor...weird looking rocks

    Some say the food and drinks there pricey coz there are not much competitors selling it But this KCB is ok la

    Already applied sunblock but still kena. Play too long

  26. yan very fast recover

  27. May

    Malaysia have many beautiful islands

  28. Sonia

    the beach are very clean unlike some

  29. Lawrence

    Sunblock also cant win. Play too long in the sun

  30. Pete

    okie noted. will search for them

    kucing botak liao LOL

  31. Twilight Man

    if dont poke hole later the birdie pengsan how?

  32. We haven't been to Pulau Kapas and it sure looks beautiful! Poor boy kena sunburn. Next time remember to put on a cap and t-shirt for him when not swimming :)


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