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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Choy Kee Food Stall Sdn Bhd

Wah lau eh...thought if we leave Malacca by 3pm, we could beat the traffic jam in the highway. As fate would have it, it rained. 

Along the way, we saw 3 accidents. Barely gone into the Highway, the traffic slowed till it was crawling at one time.

Beh tahan...Papa and Mamarazzi decided to dodged into Seremban and wait for the traffic to clear before continuing our journey.

What else...we hunt for food in Seremban lor....Mamarazzi wanted to eat Seremban Grilled Crabs.

Stopped by one of the restaurant by the main road. 

Mamarazzi said this place looked familiar. Been here before but forgotten whether food was good or not.

I liked this.

We ordered some dishes and they gave us complimentary soup.

Not sure what vegetable is this. The lady boss said it's "Dragon Leaves". Never heard of this but it certainly was nice and crunchy.

Famous for their Steamed Fish. Ya..Mamarazzi liked the fish.

Me too. Can finish a plate of rice with the gravy from the fish.

Their famous Grilled Crabs were a bit of disappointment for Mamarazzi. Although, these two crabs were meaty but it tasted just normal for her.

Tough luck for us for being there after it stopped raining. There were a lot of flies flying around. Had to keep an eye open to chase away the flies while w were eating. This marred some of the enjoyment.

Told the waitress and she said usually it's not like that. Said it was due to the rain. Flies comes out after rained.

While were we having our dinner, a man came over our table to sell some Kaya Puff. Papa bought two packets. Tasted good.

The meal was rather pricey with total bill coming up to RM143, with RM84.50 for the crabs, RM36 for the fish and RM10 for the vegetable. The rest was for drinks and rice.


  1. wow.. very pricey indeed.. maybe she knows you are not locals... but the crabs look very big..

  2. mamarazzi, maybe this is not the restaurant for the famous grilled crabs lah..

  3. i have not eaten seremban grilled crab so cannot comment also lah actually, haha~~

  4. that "dragon leaves" vege, i've eaten before.. the waiter told us it's from cameron highlands woh.. ok lah, just like normal vege lah, just perhaps more crunchy and sweet only lah.. haha!!

  5. wah, quite expensive lah the meal.. maybe because it's near the highway and the boss knew you're from KL?? hehe~~

  6. oooh, at least got nice kaya puff there mah right?? i like to eat kaya puff one, especially those with "layered puffs pastry"..

  7. sometimes i like to buy from the Moon Kee stalls lah, they are now almost everywhere.. just one outside my house, haha, so convenient..

  8. Dragon leaves is neat...Looks like fun even though there was traffic

  9. Waiseh!!! So expensive!!! And you did not seem to be enjoying the food. Time to come to Sibu again...for kampua!!! Best in the world, eh? LOL!!!

  10. but I'm rather lazy to eat crabs..

  11. wow...enormous crabs! nowadays they are quite expensive in the market..

  12. Too bad the food wasn't nice. The dragon Leaves looks so simple.

  13. I have never heard of dragon leaves before, something new for me. Sound like pricey meal but I also think crabs are not cheap these days.

    Accidents have become so normal these days with many mad drivers out there.

  14. I have that vegetables before, literally translate from Cantonese is "green dragon vegetable"~

  15. SK

    Dont which restaurant lor.

    Ooo got this vege here ah? Never saw this in pasar :( Nice to eat crunchy

  16. STP

    coz was rather tired at that time

  17. Wenn

    hard to peel is it the shells?

  18. Mummy Gwen

    food was ok la but the flies makes it harder to eat

  19. Nava
    first time having that too.

  20. Choi Yen

    ooo..never saw it before...


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