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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Chilling Evening at Chilis'

Some where last month, Papa suddenly had craving for Salad. Wanna eat loads of Salad. 

Haiz...tengah malam buta (middle of the night) where to find Salad?

Okay la...we drop by the neighbourhood Chili's Restaurant lah. Their Salad is pretty good. 

Quite surprising. Despite being already 9pm plus, the restaurant was still full of diners. 

I had Hot Milo as it was rather cold outside. It rained.

I wanted some "noodles".

What noodles is that? Very strong smell. Mamarazzi said its Cheese smell. I am not really fond of Cheese. Papa asked me to try a bit.

Oh...ya...did I mentioned that the air was cold? That's why I was wearing Mamarazzi's shawl.

Syok jugak makan suap (Nice to be spoon fed).

Eee...kira okay la the "noodles".

 Papa went "healthy". Had a glass of tomato juice.

And Ceasar Salad.

 And Fish Fillet.

Mamarazzi saw their new promotion.

Got herself a piece of moo moo. Yummy...taste a bit like "Satay". Sweet. Must have put honey or something to grill this piece of Moo Moo.

As for me...I went home and kena Mamarazzi sumbat with  fever medicine, and the next day was okay already. Can go to school.


  1. How can he not like cheese! And macaroni and cheese! They have a cute commercial running here for Kraft macaroni and cheese, where the kids have the adults stealing theirs, and they can buy insurance for's cute and funny;)

  2. Caesar salad is not exactly the healthiest salad ever, because of the dressing. But there are less healthier salads, I guess...

  3. Why is he being fed? I really hate tomato juice, or maybe i have not tasted the good one..That ceasar salad looks really good..
    Stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend..

  4. I like!!! Mexicano food! You went to the one at Mid Valley or where?

  5. I would love the salad..

  6. I prefer raw tomato than the juice.

  7. wah i just love steaks :) .. nom nom nom..

    was kind of away from the blog recently, but hey I am back!

    Have a good sunday ya!

  8. We have Chilis here in S'pore too but I haven't been there. Looks like my son's kinda place :)

  9. hahaha nice to be spoon feed ya! starting with mum, then later on will be your wife when you grew up! haha

  10. Happy Papa's Day to Small Kucing's papa :)))) Great time chilling out at Chillis :) Have a great day Kucing family !

  11. LOL...Auntie oso terkena that buang tabiat penyakit somewhere around last month. Weather too hot la... craved for all things cool, juicy and green. Last month auntie stocked up on so much salad and cherry tomatoes to snack on and makan only that for days and wants nothing else. Too hot, body went sotplug.

  12. Weird temptation in the middle of the nite. hehe... By the way it looks delicious. Happy father's Day to Paparazzi.

  13. Was just there yesterday for Father's Day..Kids eat for its a worth it place to dine for lots of kids.

  14. I have nothing to complain about the food here but nothing great to shout about too. Sometimes I wonder why the need to pay so much having salad here when I can have the same at home for a very much cheaper cost.

  15. Tengah malam buta eat so heavy, can sleep ka after that? :p

  16. Courtney

    LOL...mamarazzi also dont like cheese

  17. Synical

    at least got some greens

  18. May

    coz he was cold. asked to be fed

  19. STP

    nah....Midvalley! so jam leh. tak mau. went to Citta Mall nearby

  20. Wenn

    ya lovce their salad

    their chicken also good

    Mamarazzi and me dun like tomato in any form at all LOL

  21. Shirley

    coz they gave him things to play with

  22. Aungie Cleff is PREWGNANTTTTTT


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