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Friday, 8 June 2012

Calanthe Art Cafe, Malacca

 Lunch time....found one quaint Cafe near Jonker's Street. 

From the outside, the place looks small and cramped.

But when we were shown inside, it's a whole different world all together.

Some parts it was like we had gone back in time. Back to the good old days.

 Other parts were like a "jungle". Full of greenery and running water.

 Love how they decorated the place. Mamarazzi immediately felt cooler when she step inside.

Very imaginative. fast the food is here?

Mamarazzi's glass of  "Very Koo" (RM8-55) which consist of lemon, orange,  banana,yogurt and English parsley. 

Unfortunately, it was still not "koo" enough for her. The drink was a bit kelat"(bitter?) coz the banana used was not ripe enough.

 The same goes for my Banana Smoothies(RM6-55).

I did not finish it.

Papa's Tuna Ham RM6-45. Papa likes and Jie Jie likes too.

 Kena Mamarazzi scold coz I play too rough. Knocked out one of Jie Jie's milk teeth.

Papa's Cucumber Lime Crush (RM6-95). The cucumber tasted bitter according to Papa.

Their famous Laksa. Calanthe Laksa (RM7-95). It may not look good (Mamarazzi is a poor photographer) but it certainly tasted GOOD. Suit Mamarazzi's taste buds. Not too spicy nor too creamy. A lot of ingredient too.

I had the kiddie meal. Dragon Ball Kiddy Meal RM7-25 

I finished the Nugget but not the rest coz I was pretty excited. I wanted to explore the place.

Errrr...don't know what are the above drinks. You have a choice of Mango Lassi, Banana Cap Freeze and Calanthe Dre(c)....not sure which is which.

Whose finger is that ah? This Golden Rice must be really good. Someone can;t help pinching a bit to eat first.

 Sesame Chicken Rice. It was good but we could not identify what sauce they use to marinate the chicken. Taste good.

 Papa's Blue Jasper (RM8-15). Nice and cooling.

Mamarazzi's Americano (RM6-75). Hmm...not as strong as she would have liked it to be.

Overall, for Mamarazzi the food here were good but the drinks were so-so.Then again each person taste buds is different.

Yes, she would definitely come back for the Laksa and for the cool ambiance. It was yummy.

Here is the address if you wish to drop by :

No 11 Jalan Hang Kasturi
75200 Melaka(Jonker Street)


  1. Somebody's house, converted into a cafe kah? Food not cheap...and does not look very nice. Golden rice, no price leh?

  2. wow...endless drinks! Must be a big contingent going to Malacca! my friend is ajak-ing me to go on the July 1st... :)

  3. Nowaday the weather is so hot, nice for a cold drink...

  4. I would love the nasi kunyit!

  5. u are so lucky..get to eat so many types of food..

  6. those drinks look very interesting and creative lah with all the combinations..

  7. but then very expensive lah, even more expensive than the food.. how come ah?? somemore all their drinks also bitter one?? haha~~

  8. the food ok lah, looks common only.. but then if compared to all the bitter drinks, sure taste nicer.. maybe this is their tactic!! haha~~

  9. mamarazzi you went to Malacca for how many days?? so many posts about Malacca trip geh?? hehe~~ :p

  10. Glad the meal was good overall --even if the drinks weren't that good...

    Your post reminded me of one time we took one of our grandsons to a new restaurant in an aquarium... We couldn't get Chris to eat that night since he was so excited and wanted to get up and look at all of the fish... ha ha


  11. teeth been knocked out, so serious? Hope she is ok~

  12. The price is ok but the food looks so so only. Huh small kucing knocked out one of jie jie's milk did he do that?

  13. wow i didn't know this cafe looks like this on the inside. we passed by it many times. next time must go in to try :)

  14. Hey Kathy, I kinda like this place too! Very different & kudos to the owners who came up with this concept. Nice!

  15. Wah, so many nice food again. The deco inside is interesting.

  16. Wow, you bet its another round of my kind of food. Malacca is spoiled on choices of eateries and its really impossible to try each one of it unless I spent more time in Jonker Walk.

    Some of the food looks very creative too.

  17. Hiya, knocked jie jie milk teeth....smallkucing can learn boxing liao!

  18. STP

    Food not really that mahal la...Some cafe in KL with food that is not as nice as this is charging highr.

    Food doesnt look nice coz Mamarazzi not a good photographer

  19. Claire

    Go...coz was very hot day so kept drinking lo

  20. SK

    Not that expensive la....see the enviroment. Pay for the ambiance lo and then food was good kira tak rugi la

  21. SK

    we were ther 2 days 1 night only but ate many times

  22. Betsy

    Guess all kids are a like. Cant sit still when excited

  23. Choi Yen

    The teeth was loose so i ganas a bit a bang it came out :p

  24. Mummy Gwen

    Mamarazzi's fault was good but Mamarazzi tak pandai snap photo

  25. Mummy to Chumsy

    we were surprised too

  26. Shirley

    ya nice place to hang out

  27. Kitty

    will wanna go there again

  28. Nava

    can never grow hungry in Melaka

  29. Pete

    free dentist mah...jimat money no need to pay for dentist to cabut


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