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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Banh Tet Pulak....

After having all those Zhang, Papa still not satisfied. Bising(made noise) asking Mamarazzi to try Make Banh Tet pulak. Siap give Mamarazzi the link to a blog on how to make Banh Tet.

Banh Tet can be said is Zhang(dumpling) too. Vietnamese Zhang.

When Mamarazzi read, she was thinking "WHAT!! have to boil 6 hours!!??". And how to wrap and tie the "Zhang"

Well, since we were going to see Ah Mah the next day...what the heck...hentam try and make la.

Bought RM1 of Banana Leaves. Got home found that the leaves were not very wide . 

Mistake number one : Must check the size of the Banana Leaves when buying.

Bought RM10 of Pork Belly. Marinated with fish sauce and pepper over night. If you don't take Pork for any reason, Mamarazzi thinks you can replace with other types of meat too. Just make sure there is a bit of fat in the meat so that it taste nicer

Washed the Pulut(Glutinous Rice) and soak it with Pandan (screwpine)Juice. Lucky Ah Mah gave Mamarazzi a few packets of these the last time she came.

Next morning, throw away the excess water and soak the pulut with Coconut milk and salt.

Next thing she did was to boil the soaked Mung Bean. Wrong move.

Mistake Number two :Should have steamed it instead. 

She had a hard time squeezing out the water as she put quite a lot of water to boil the Mung Beans coz she was afraid that the bean would be scorched.

Finally got the Mung Bean  "paste" liked. Papa suggested to put it under the fan to make it dry faster.

Then it's finally time to WRAP.....The dreaded moment.

Put 3 layers of Banana Leaves as per the blog. One layer of pulut, one layer of paste and the meat on top. the another layer of paste and another layer of pulut.

After using all her hands and feet...tempek (patched) here and tempek there coz the Banana Leaves kept breaking, this is the result. Not bad ya?

Mistake number three : Next time must Layur the Banana Leaves before using it so that it would not split/break easily. Can't find the translation for the word Layur in English. Basically it means to make the leaves wilt by pouring hot water over it, putting it over a fire or the easy method is to microwave it for a few seconds.

 Done. This one is for me.

Made 5 Banh Tet. These two were the "presentable" ones. Another one was presentable too though a bit small.

Meantime, these two "Gigantic" Banh Tet are the result of Mamarazzi's "kiasulisme". She found that she was left with quite a lot of paste and pulut. Hence she tried to stuff as much as possible pulut and paste into the final two Banh Tet.

Sorry ya coz she ran out of Bamboo strings too. Had to use Raffia strings to tie. Had a real difficult time tying these up especially with the Banana Leaves kept breaking.

Die or no die...dumped three smaller Banh Tet into the rice cooker to cook and praying hard that they won't burst. Mamarazzi's rice cooker have the cooking porridge function. Just dump it in to boil for 6 hours and no need to monitor water level

Meanwhile the two gigantic Banh Tet were dump into a big pot and boiled using a stove. That one, she had to keep going into the kitchen to check the water level. Tedious but have to be done.

The next morning we travel to Ah Mah's house with loads of Zhang and Banh Tet.

That evening, Ah Mah cut open one of the ugly big Banh Tet. Hmmm....confirmed. Too much paste and not enough pulut. Making it easy to break when cutting the Banh Tet.

Papa said the Banh Tet have to be pan fried  to make it taste nicer. Can you see how the Banh Tet broke coz too much paste and not enough pulut.

Mistake number four : DON'T KIASU !!!

Hmmm... after pan looked not bad lah.

Me again ah?

 So many people here. can ask others to be "White Mice" or not?

Everyone had a bit. Papa said the mung bean paste was not "creamy" enough. Mamarazzi thinks that it must be due to she boiled the beans instead of steaming them.

Ah Mah said nice. Not too salty and said want some Banh Tet the next time she comes to KL.

Ah Kung tasted some, and said next time steam the Mung bean and no need to make into paste. Just put on top of the pulut will do.

As for Mamarazzi...she said the "Bak" (meat) is not thick enough. She was thinking the meat is like the usual Bak Zhang meat and had not imagine how thin it would be when cut sideways.

Mistake Number Five : Did not get a thick piece of meat.

Overall result, Mamarazzi thinks the end result is not that bad for a first timer lah...just pass by a hairline lah. Live and learn.


  1. I never tried making it before..

  2. Never tried. Must be good...or your papa would not want your mama to make... Doesn't look like something I would want to try - maybe the real thing looks better. Hehehehehehe!!!

  3. Wish i can have a bite of it... hehe...

  4. mmmmm!!! smell good!!!!!

  5. fuyohhhh!! i was thinking for a moment whether i came to the correct kucing blog or not! I thought it was some other food blogger that i clicked... hahahaa....(kwa cheong!) anyway, you have put in lots of effort, from the look of it, i wouldnt mind tasting cos there are so much of mung beans? that is my favourite!

  6. if the bear lives next to your door, you'll find her waiting with an empty plate. I can be the white mice!

  7. nice try, but if I were try to cook it, can I replace pork with beef or chicken?

  8. don't know such Vietnamese dumpling :P

  9. I think for first time very good jor! I think I would love the mung bean on top of the rice.

  10. haha, like what i've already expected.. mamarazzi your "zhang" wrapping sessions won't just end like that one, haha~~

  11. sure will be wrapping more, and in different style, until the real day lah~~ :D

  12. wah, vietnamese zhang ah?? do they also celebrate the dumpling festival like we do??

  13. hmmm, but one whole piece of meat there and then eat it like cutting spring rolls.. haha, interesting..

  14. haha, so how did the "white mouse" react to your new invention?? :p

  15. fuyoh!! mamarazzi is now zhang expert already~~

  16. It has to be good...becos the white mice wont stop talking about it!!! and more importantly, kept all for themselves :)

  17. Wow...your mama clever gal lo...can make zhang and banh tet ! haha I like this kind of pillow zhang but I find making them too tedious. So bought one will do ! Kudos to Mama Kucing :)

  18. can make this Vietnamese chang geng. Your first attempt was impressive.

  19. I don't believe I've eaten this. Looks like dumpling :) Must be delicious too!

  20. Such a sad face...and 6 hours of cooking. Glad it was good to eat

  21. I also never tried before!

  22. LOL... you know who can replace you to be white mice... she is always available... *still got antiangin, tarak sked*

  23. You reminded me home..There is this special dish my mom prepares with banana leaves during those dayz, and we look forward for it..There is nothing you cook with banana leaves that won't give you a nice aroma...

  24. I prefer our very own bah zang,,,, when I was small, I could really wallop like 3 zangs in a row, no joke

  25. Wow, wow, wow, Mamarazzi could made so many different type of dumplings. Great! I saw this type of Zhang when I went to Vietnam last year. Now, I regret for not buying to try. Sigh!

  26. wow! i recently cooked some dumplings that i made from a dumpling session in Grand Millenium. Opted to use the pressure cooker for 30 minutes instead of waiting for 6 hours:D

  27. Never heard of this vietnamese chang before, very big indeed! o_O

  28. STP

    anything with pulut papa will like

  29. Claire

    LOL....very kuah Cheong....

  30. Lawrence

    I think should be okay to replace the meat

  31. Choi Yen

    mamarazzi also didnt know till Papa sent the link

  32. SK

    You so pandai ah can guess LOL...

    guess Mamarazzi made one more round of Zhang.....Chicky Chang

  33. LG

    Only 3 batang sampai KT wor...ate two while were there, more gone into freezer somewhere waiting for you to come back

  34. Elin

    was aprehensive too but try lo

  35. Mummy Gwen

    very thankful that none burst LOL

  36. Auntie Cleff

    no worry....BC coming soon

  37. May

    things wrapped in Banana leave will taste nicer, right :)

  38. Missyblurkitt

    Mamarazzi dont have pressure cooker lo...too bad nobody wanna get Mamarazzi review Pressure Cooker and give her one

  39. Hilda

    it souldnt be so big but Mamarazzi kiasu sumbat a lot

  40. Despite all the mistakes, the outcome was not bad. Next round, sure perfect one! :)

  41. Chloe

    hope so la coz hard to make


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