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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mamarazzi went for BookXcess Mid Year Promotion

When Mamarazzi received this e-mail from BookXcess, she was rather excited.


Dear Book Lovers,
Don't miss our Mid Year Promotion for Fiction, Non-Fiction and Children Section :) Come and enjoy our GREAT deal!
Fiction (22nd June until 1st July 2012)

- 20% discount on ALL P.G. Wodehouse and Georgette Heyer titles

Non-Fiction (22nd until 28th June 2012)

- 20% discount on ALL Arts & Photography and Architecture & Design (A&D) titles

Children (22nd June 2012 until 1st July 2012)

- 20% discount on ALL Thomas & Friends titles (series)

On top of all these exciting offer, don't forget to have a peek at our New Arrival Collection on our facebook page ;) 

BookXcess operation time:
Mon - Fri : 10.30am - 9.30pm
Sat - Sun : 10.00am - 9.30pm

For general inquiries, feel free to reach us at

For online reservation, please send an email to

The BookXcess Team
L3-60 Amcorp Mall
18 Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya


The offer was so-so only la for her.  But she "saja" hand itchy wanna see what new stock they have there.

Yesterday morning she went there after sending me to school.

 Opppsss....mis-read . She thought it open at 10am but it was not. Well, the good news is that the shop opened for business right on the dot of 10.30am.

Well, she came back with a plastic full of books. Some RM9-90 books while others RM17-90 books. Some more get 10% discount for member price.

Also managed to grab these for a friend.  

But she didn't get anything for me *sulk*

Friday, 29 June 2012

Ah Mah's Home Magic Plant

Ah Mah's house have many sort of plants.

Here are the Pandan(Screwpine) which she blend to juice for Mamarazzi to make Banh Tet

Lemongrass which is good to make Curry

Mint leaves which is nice to put into my 100Plus drink

Saw a small bush of Bunga Telang too.

Lovely flower ya?

It can be use as food dye. Mamarazzi wish she had them when she was making Nyonya Zhang the other day so that her Nyonyan Zhang didn't turn into Incredible Hulk Zhang.

But what I like the most is that Ah Mah have "magic plant" too.

Here is the magic plant

See what happen when Mamarazzi touched the leaves
They will close!

amazing ...


Touch! Touch!

The flower/seed of the magic plant

After awhile, the leaves will open again.

It's awesome!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

We Won Luxury Haven's Giveaway: Luxurious Stay For 2 Worth RM1,000 At Casa Del Rio, Melaka!

Yipee!!! We received good news this afternoon.

Yup! we have won Luxury Haven's Giveaway: Luxurious Stay For 2 Worth RM1,000 At Casa Del Rio, Melaka!

Guess, we'll be going to Melaka again some time within the next 6 months period.

Thank you very much to Auntie Little Bird, Mommy Ling and Kylie who tagged Mamarazzi in Facebook to notify us of the said. Auntie Little Bird have even gone out to call Mamarazzi about it as there is a time frame which we had to respond to the announcement. so looking forward to it ......

Warong Norazila 2, Bukit Kecik, Kuala Trengganu

Mamarazzi was looking for Nasi Minyak to eat again but the one that we usually go was not open and the one at Kuala Ibai also not opened.

Then she recalled that she saw on Warong Norazila near Ah Mah's house. And there we go food hunting again.

Mmm... they have this wonderful roti jala. Bet Uncle Arthur will like.

 What "kuih" is that?

I have no idea. Looks like fried shallots on top of the kuih.

 Kena Papa "wrestling"

Finally Nasi Minyak. I like it plain.

While Mamarazzi like to have it with moo moo. Unfortunately, they don't have moo moo in the morning.

They have chicken only. tasted good.

 My early morning cup of Milo Ice.

Daily, Mamarazzi put a lot of creme on my back. Not painful coz I was so engross with running here and there.

Here is the address if Warong Norazila 2, Jln kubor(bukit kecik), Kuala terengganu, Terengganu 21100

GPS : 5.317394333177648,103.13402123672314

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dinner at Pantai Teluk Ketapang, Kuala Trengganu

 Which one to go to? So many restaurant near the beach. Pantai Teluk Ketapang which is located near the Airport seems to be a very "happening" place nowadays.

Saw there are pony rides, kite flying and those big big cars/bikes that can go VROOM on the beach. I was keen to play but Mamarazzi said it's gonna rain.Better go sit in one of the restaurant and have our dinner.

Heard that this place is famous for its Sotong Goreng(Fried Squid)

Okay la....just hentam the restaurant nearest to our car.

 which one shall i choose?

Lime, orange or watermelon juice?

Papa asked "you want it rare or well done"

My face kena sunburn.

 Ordered some Keropok Lekor.

But it was rather tough. Maybe they fried the keropok Lekor again.

 Had their Soup Tulang. MMm....nice.

 This mixed vegetable may looked bland but it was nice. Very crunchy.

Had Udang Goreng(Fried Prawns) The prawns were quite big and juicy.
 Fried Squid. Also fresh.

Papa saw nearly every table have Fried Kembong Fish. He ordered two. Surprisingly the size was quite 

Mamarazzi don't eat ikan Kembong so she can't comment but Papa seems to enjoyed it very much.

Total bills for food and drinks came up to RM53.  Pretty reasonable price.

Sorry, it was raining very heavily when we were having our dinner. Mamarazzi did not noticed the restaurant name. But food at most restaurant along the beach should be good as Mamarazzi noticed nearly every restaurant there are full with diners.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day Trip To Pulau Kapas, Trengganu

 Faster lah, Papa. I wanna go Pulau(Island) . Never been to Pulau Kapas.


Choose either Nasi Lemak or Mee Goreng...

Don't wanna eat can ah? Am anxious to go off.

Finally got our ticket RM75 to and fro by speed boat for the three of us.

 Hot...where is our boat? Is that our boat?

 Eee......a school of fishes under the boat. Papa said when we are at the island I can feed the fishes.

Got on to the speed boat. Mamarazzi and me got to ride at the upper deck. 

I told Mamarazzi that I am a bit worried as the Uncle was quite talkative and did not look ahead when he was driving. I "scared" the boat go down.

 The Light House with funny looking "rocks". Saw some people fishing there.

 Finally arrived on the island. Very lovely view. Water are clear and blue.

 Most people preferred swimming but this city boy preferred to play sand.

 Found an empty bottle.

Going to build myself a sand castle.

Papa was tired so Mamarazzi "ajak"(invited) me to go exploring with her.

Found an abandon "kayak"

 My first time on the "hanging bed".

Forced to pose for photo.

At the other side of the island, we found a quiet beach where there were school of fishes. Had great time feeding them.

 Tired of exploring. Came back for a drink and some biscuits.

Then Mamarazzi asked me to lay down.

Got buried by her in sand.

 Had me worried a bit.

I worried that my "birdie" cannot breath. Better poke some holes in the sand.

Pretty soon it time to go back. The boat came. \

Opps...not yet ah? Boat going to drop people at the other side of the island first ah?

Okay lo...Papa suggested that we have a drink at Restaurant Kapas Beach Chalet.

Surprisingly the people manning the restaurant were all "Ang Moh".Very friendly.

Surprisingly the price for the drink was not that expensive considering it's in the island. The coke was RM3 while Papa's Mango Lassi was RM8.

Wow...this place is pretty cool! Who wanna play with snake? Toy snake lah.

Got a kids corner with loads of toys but I love the most is CARS.

 Mamarazzi drools at their Books Corner.

Saw a broom and I pretended that I work there.

 Pretty soon our boat came but this round the top deck was full. I had to sit below. Quite hot.

I surprised Mamarazzi when in Papa's car. She barely had tme to put her seat belt on, then turn to look at me...she found me snoring already...

I "imported" some sands on my head and it dropped all over the seat.

 Sir, would you like your meat well done or rare?

 Despite applying sun block, I still turned into a Lobster by the end of the day. 

Everyone said it looks painful but for me, my skin is very thick. I didn't complain at all and even told Papa that I wanted to go to island again the next day

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