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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Swinging Time at Swensen, Subang Parade

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One afternoon last month, after my class...I was rather naughty. Papa was angry with me. Kena scolding in the car.

I wanted Ice-cream. Papa said naughty boy cannot have Ice Cream.

".....but have to have Ice-cream....go buy ice cream..."

...gonna cry....sad....

In the end, I promised to be good boy. Papa drove us to Swensen's. The Waiter Uncle there gave me a packet of Crayons and paper.

Color color color....

Nice or not?

Found this Volcano Ice Cream in the Kiddy Meal Section. RM9-90

Papa showed me how to make the Volcano goes "Toot Toot Toot". I also wanna do la.

So funny

The Volcano erupt Boom like that one oh...

We came just in time for their afternoon teatime promotion. Papa opt for the Coney dog set coz Mamarazzi wanted the Coffee. RM16-90.

The coffee had so much bubble at the top. At first Papa thought it was Milo. Funny Papa.

As for Papa, he had Sprite Float. They ran out of Vanilla Ice Cream. Papa chosen Mint Ice Cream to go with the drink. Papa likes Mint Ice Cream. RM15-90.

Mamarazzi had their Mushroom Soup RM12-90.

At first, Papa and Mamarazzi did not expect much but they were pleasantly surprised that the Soup tasted quite good. Have plenty of mushrooms in it.

For me...I love the Ice Cream...yummmm....

Mmm.... have to bodek Papa to bring me here again. The address is Swensen's G30, Subang Parade, No 5 Jalan SS 16/1, Subang Jaya, Selangor


  1. kesian, look so kesian. Come, come to Sibu...uncle will buy you all the ice cream you want. Durian ice cream,!!! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  2. aiyoh, if it was uncle SK huh, naughty then straight away bring home never want to buy ice cream for small kucing already, haha!!

  3. but doctor say small kucing must eat lots of ice cream and drink lots of 100 plus hor?? haha..

  4. wah, that volcano ice cream, so nice!! paparazzi and mamarazzi so good, too pamper small kucing lah..

  5. if uncle SK hor, if small kucing naughty but still need to buy ice cream, won't go swensen lah, buy one McD sundae for him enough!! :p

  6. Wah. The ice cream looks so tempted. Haish.. ahaha

  7. the soup definitely tastes good.

  8. omg these are mouth watering! i want to try these!

  9. I never try Swensen in KL. the volcano ice-cream is amazing. Sumore got smoke one..

  10. like photo oredy^^
    hahaha, Swense, hvan't tryied b4, can find time to visit^^

  11. I used to frequent Swensen so often when I was younger esp for the different types of ice-creams and desserts.

    Its a worth a try place as I can from all the food you have shared.

  12. Wah so nice, can go to Swensen's. When Chloe asks for ice-cream, auntie will only bring her to McD for the sundae cone cos auntie very kedekut one :p

  13. Aww i can quench my taste with this yummy ice.. And he looks so sweet when sad :-)
    Heading over to place my vote for you, hope I'm not late..

  14. Ice cream, best to fight the recently scorching weather!

  15. Swensen! I love that place. Now, it's only located at Subang & PJ area. *sob* *sob*...

  16. The mushroom soup served in such a special way. Can the bread be eaten?

    Papa's mint ice cream float so expensive le !

  17. STP

    want Payung durian ice cream can ah?

  18. Sharon

    that musroom soup was real nice

  19. Diana

    when have the time do gie it a try. worth it

  20. Nava

    it was certainly worth it especially the soup

  21. mNhL

    the bread can be eaten but a bit kenyal


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