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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sam Kan Chong at Sunway Pyramid

Another back logged post.

Sometimes we go "gai-gai" we have no idea what to eat. At times we simply "tembak". Like the other time we were in a Lift at Sunway Pyramid.

Papa asked wanna eat what. I said noodles. Ngum..ngum.. there was an advertisement of this "Sam Kan Chong Restaurant". Mamarazzi said , ok...let's makan(eat) there.

 Hmmm.....not guys having Honey Lime and Lime Juice while I only got to drink Jasmine Tea!

Papa had the Dried Noodles. According to our Waitress, the noodle are made by the restaurant. Not prepacked. 

Not sure how good is the taste of the noodles.

Mamarazzi had the Curry Bihun. At first she want bihun and noodles but the Waitress told her cannot mix.

However, she finds the Curry tasted pretty good. But she didn't like the Tau Pok.

Mamarazzi's set meal comes with a plate of Vegetable of the day. That day it was "Kacang Panjang" (Long Beans?".

 I had Dumplings noodles. I had the noodles while Papa and Mamarazzi had the dumplings. Mamarazzi did not fancy the dumplings as she finds the meat was minced too much.

Total bill came up to RM41.45.


  1. Looks good but quite pricey.. :)

  2. Yummy I love the curry bihun!! drooling!! XD im hungry now mamarazzi ha ha ha where can i get those at this hour??

  3. The long beans certainly look miserable. What I fry at home would look more presentable.

    How are the noodles? Look nice to me... Nicer than Sibu kampua or not?

  4. i went once but forgotten which outlet already.. and i find things are EXPENSIVE..

  5. and also nothing to shout about, it's just so common only.. anywhere else also can get this standard lor..

  6. don't really like the idea of bringing hawker stall food into restaurant chains..

  7. i rather go to those rundown stalls and have the real authentic ones.. :p

  8. quite pricey lerh :( i prefer the old time sam kan chong, at the roadside stall

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  9. aww, why no love for the tau pok.. it actually is one of my must have for curry mees :) ..

    ps: sorry fot the Ameizing post, it's actually a paid advertorial post, one which I was informed on friday itself, hence the late post.

    Thanks so much for dropping by though XD

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  10. A bit pricey if compare to normal hawker stall..

  11. ha ha, chef got carried away, over minced the meat.....maybe 'kena' from wifey that day.....ha ha ha!

  12. Looks good but kinda pricey lol.Coz only 3 dishes nia.

  13. Small kucing memang enjo eating noodles eh... hehehe

  14. I love the curry noodles but wonder where it this place, inside Pyramid? If so, will check out when I go there the next round.

  15. Yummy!! Love to try it out since I live in Subang Jaya

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    Witha @

  16. The ad in the lift is very effective. We've dined here a few times when they were still known as 3JC last time. I guess their specialty is the squarish meatballs.

  17. SK

    tarak tau makan what so just tembak lo

  18. Nava

    yes inside pyramid near the ice ring there

  19. Mery

    shopping complex like that lor they have to pay rent and etc

  20. You can get a duck for RM38 EVERY SINGLE DAY now! Not only on the 28th.
    Salted chicken, , stew duck, eggs tofu eggs,etc are available now.
    And also, salted duck will be available soon.

    Oh yeah! You MUST try the curry fish head as well! It is hands down THE BEST curry fish head ever.
    So what are you still waiting for? Come and taste Ming Xiang's different varieties of yummy food!! Hurry before its finish


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