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Friday, 4 May 2012

RM100 Shopping Voucher from YAWAS

On 26th of April, Papa received a call from Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor(YAWAS). He was asked to go to Econsave Sg Buloh at 9.30am on Sunday 29th coz they were going to give out RM100 shopping vouchers to selected YAWAS member.

Hence on Sunday Mamarazzi went to the Econsave.

Saw that there were canopy put up next to Econsave and some banners "Jom Shopping". Mamarazzi armed with my YAWAS card, got down from the car and headed there.

When she arrived there, she was told by the Organiser that the function is for those aged 60 and above. YAWAS function will be at 10.30am and that the personnel from YAWAS had not arrived and that YAWAS function is actually "tumpang" (piggy back) to their function.

Saw a few families with kids also there. They were waiting for YAWAS personnel too. Then one family went to Econsave. The came back and told the rest of us that the YAWAS personnel are inside Econsave.

Ahhhh...finally. Found them. Mamarazzi informed the personel that many are waiting at the other side coz didn't know about it and that they received wrong information.

Anyway, she finally registered and was given a pass and told to wait for a short briefing. Nice number or not? Can buy numbers?

This pretty lady briefed the participants on what to do. Then off Mamarazzi went shopping!


Super sulky! See the tag! Little kids were supposed to do the shopping but I didn't get to do.

But kira okay lah coz she came back with a trolley full of stuffs

Jeng! Jeng! wondering what she bought from the RM100?

Papa saw and said "Hah? like this only ah?". Kena Mamarazzi ketuk. Of course la. RM100 nowadays can't buy much but at least it is something.

She bought a tray of eggs, some Vitagen, nutrigen, Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk, bath foam, Orange Juice, Mozzie spray and some mineral water.

When she was making payment, the amount came up to RM94 plus only hence she grabbed two packets of Chocolates and a packet of sweets. Had to pay from own pocket 60sens only.

She was given a Goodies Bag from Econsave. These are the items from the goodies bag. Hmm....didn't realise that Econsave also came out with product with under their own brand name.

Kinda thankful lah for getting the RM100 shopping voucher. Some people say certain parties trying to buy votes but then hentam la. No need to turn everything into a political issue. People give money we take lo. How to vote, is at our own discretion.


  1. eh not bad.. rm100 quite okay XD.

  2. LOL... bought so many barangs... just pay Rm0.60... good wud... dun care lah if ppl say pancing undi or wud... vote all all secret wud. LOL!

  3. I see so many goodies when you got to go shopping...a trolley full

  4. Yalor...RM100 these days!!! 5 boxes of Mee Daddy, habis dah. 150 packets...

  5. SK...mamarazi borong mozzie spray tu sebab dia tersalah ambil spray insect ye hari tu...ha ha ha..:)...marah mamarazi ye sebab kalau tak, SK dah bole dpt magnum aiskrim 1 kotak tu...size besar lagi...ha ha ha...

    auntie nampak banyak goodies utk SK tu, susu coklat, vitagen lagi...mesti SK dah tak tarik muncung kan..;0

  6. wah, not bad woh, got RM100 better than no lah right?? free woh..

  7. at first i thot it's like supermarket sweep, you are allowed to sweep within 1 minute.. haha!!

  8. very true lah, now RM100 really cannot buy a lot of things already..

  9. but mamarazzi very smart!! haha, the total RM94 then just grab two more packets of chocolates at cashier to not waste the balance.. LIKE!!

  10. Mamarazzi, why you bought so many mineral water? You are lucky la! I wish to have RM100 for shopping too.

  11. wow..that's fantastic! I want that RM100 too!

  12. why buy so many mineral water? cannot boil at home ka???

  13. Hi There, That is NEAT that you got a special voucher to use when buying your food... Foods here are getting so expensive... We all need some vouchers every once in awhile!!!!!


  14. Nowadays RM 100 can't buy a lot of things..

  15. i apply for it too but don't know got approved or not >.<

  16. Not bad,ya. RM100 can buy so many goodies. I also want!!

  17. wow they resort to such measures! haha...

    anyway just enjoy the shopping spree lah :-)

  18. you know what, Kusing in my language means cat too :-D I bet that we got it from your language! We do have a lot of words that are from Malay words :)

    Oh, how I miss nips! and the prawn crackers looks yummy :)

    Spanish Pinay

  19. wa mamarazi relly know hw to shop. 100 can get so many

  20. I have to agree with you that RM100 cannot buy much today with the cost of living sky rocketed. Btw, my house is just across Econsave in Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam (facing kota kemuning). I normally shop here because its much cheaper than other hypermarkets and so so near to me.

  21. Good lah... we didn't get anything at all. My MIL also got this shopping voucher but hers was in Tesco.

    I'm also curious to know why you bought so many bottles of mineral water hehe. For me, RM100 can go a long way leh... sometimes trolley half full, baru RM50+ :p

  22. Small kucing love fresh milk ! I must buy fresh milk too when I go to the hypermarket.

  23. Cledd

    LOL....kiasu punya pasal

  24. Marie

    ye la...salah beli so this round get back the right ones lo.

  25. SK

    Kiasu punya pasal . If sweeptakes song lo, can grab a lot.

  26. SHeoh Yan

    coz my place here gonna be no water mah. They are fixing the pipes.

  27. Wenn

    LOL....Ipoh maybe they will have too

  28. Little Lamb

    Cannot lo coz going to be no water. They doing some piping

  29. Betsy

    LOL here also getting more expensive by the day

  30. Choi Yen

    have to wait long time :(

  31. Kristie anything also can la

  32. Spanish Pinay

    amazing. Similar wordings ya :)

  33. Nava

    Ooo you dont say. So near. No need to drive all the way to get groceries

  34. Chloe

    coz here schedule to do some piping mah. expect no water lo so buy mineral water to standby.

  35. mNhL

    ya he drinks before go school


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