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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Proclamation of Independence Memorial, Malacca

As it was not time to check-in to the hotel yet, we decided to go for some "exercise". Auntie CY family decided to go "hill climbing".

We decided to hide some where cooler. It was a very hot day. We went to the "Proclamation of Independence Memorial" nearby.

 Wahh....that's "Tunku" in the car.

Interesting display. Press then got sound telling me what was happening then

 Come on...let's go.

 Wow...ships...the old Portuguese and other trade ships.

 EEEeee....this part I don't like. It's scary.

Don't snap photo. Scary Japanese sword

Banana Tree Money that were used during Japanese Occupation of Malaya. Got the name from the Banana Tree printed there. According to history, these money was worthless near the end of Japanese Occupation. Had to have a gunny sack full of this just to buy a bag of rice.

 Various literature on display

Wow...really old book. Written using old Malay spelling. Even Mamarazzi had hard time understanding that.

 Going upstairs? Don't want la. Papa not going. Upstairs looked dark work. Scary was scary for me. Scene of fighting against some parties...don't know whether its Japanese or Communist.

We walked past this section pretty fast. Did not bother to rad what's written there.

 Another scene of discussion about Malaya Independence. 

 Don't know what is this.

If not mistaken, these were one of the first ballot boxes

 Uiks...square coins?

 That coin is cute.

Wow...this one is really old money

 The Independence Table?

Such humble piece. Mamarazzi thought it would have been grander. Well, all must begin small. Even our nation.
Hmm..that's all? Time to roam outside.

 How many flags were there?

 Mamarazzi asked me to pose for the photo...and here is how I pose.

...and like this.....nice ka?

Overall, it was an eye opening experience for Mamarazzi being at the Memorial. She has never been in the Memorial. She felt that the place was rather eerie as it was very quiet there. It would be a much comfortable experience if the Management had put on some soothing music.


  1. Very fun and interesting place to go...

  2. Interesting place. Melissa would love to go there - she enjoys museums very much.

  3. I never been inside there... good for kids! I like the last pose.. the face looks just like the father and the pose like the mother... hahahaa...

  4. After Malacca, didn't come to Singapore, hehe...

  5. eih, i didn't know there's this place in Malacca.. new one ah??

  6. quite interesting to see all those antique collection lah..

  7. but seems like mamarazzi and small kucing not really keen on that but just to kill time before checking in.. :D

  8. look small kucing so different after coming out.. he's more excited outside than inside the museum, haha!!

  9. meant to be a bit eerie. That's why I always refuse going in...even though it will be an eye opening experience.

  10. Loved seeing the Memorial and hearing about it from Small Kucing's prospective.... What an interesting memorial... Glad you enjoyed it.

  11. I think I have been to this memorial in Melacca before. It looks very familiar to me.

  12. Hahaha! I like the last pix best. Soooooo cute :)

  13. small kucing looks very amused there :) another session of gaining knowledge

    Latest: Madagascar Circus

  14. I have never been to this memorial before. I'm not into sejarah lah..haha.

    Haha...I love his last pose. :)

  15. do you feel that museum here is pretty boring? ~.~

  16. never know got such place in Melaka, Thanks for sharing.

  17. Nvr been to the memorial before, looks like a lot to explore!

  18. I had a run up to our historical background during my trip to this same place. So much knowledge and infor I learned and gathered too. Only than I realised that I should discover more on my own country at times rather than going for holiday overseas.

  19. I think i been there aldy lil boy look so cute!!

    came by to visit your blog miss reading your post, i have problem with my domain will fix the problem next week, till then i only can back blogging.

    anyhow take care mamarazzi and post more entry i will come by and read once when im online :)

  20. I always skip this place when i visited Malacca... Next time i should pay a visit.

  21. It wasn't opened when I was there, didn't know there is so much to see inside :D

  22. Azura

    Ineresting but can really say fun...:p

  23. STP

    next time then must go there ...

  24. Claire

    Good for adults too...hiding from the sun :p

  25. Sharon

    LOL not enough time leh

  26. SK

    Old one ler...long time there already

    ya..just killing time and hiding from the sun

  27. Mummy Gwen

    LOL...coz too hot so we went in lo

  28. Choi Yen

    Kira okay la coz got buttons topress

  29. Alice

    If you like history then its a good place

  30. Mell-o

    come back when you are free. You working now sure very busy.

  31. TZ

    we also skipped each time till now


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