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Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Power of Interactive Play Parenting Workshop

***A letter to Papa***

Dear Papa,

Auntie Little Bird said that Fisher-Price will be having "The Power of Interactive Play Parenting Workshop" on 16th June 2012.

Fisher-Price will be bringing child development expert, Ms. Carrie Lupoli, Founder of Live & Learn (Singapore) to share her knowledge on the importance of interactive play with Children.

Would you go with me please? 

The workshop is to share the benefits of play through five development stages and to further encourage adults to spend time with Children.

As you know, play is the best means in helping my brain to develop and I learn more. It would be great if you could come and play. After all, Joshua miss Papa *bodek mode on*. Playing together will enhance our relationship.

It's no fun to play alone.

According to Auntie Little Bird, at the workshop they will show us many different kinds of activities and exercises that we can do together. They also will further elaborate on the different tools that can be used to further assist the different development stages of children.

Maybe we can learn what to do together. I have a drawers full of toy cars.

Pretty please, Papa. Will you go with me? Entry fee is only RM60 per person and we get over RM100 worth of goodies.

This workshop is open for everyone. The details of the workshop are as follows :-

The Power of "Interactive" Play Parenting Workshop :

Date : 16th June 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 10.00 a.m. to 1.30p.m
Location : Grand Ballroom, Empire Hotel Subang, Jalan SS16/1, SS16, 47500 Selangor
Entry Fee : RM60 per person plus over RM100 worth of goodies.

For more information or to book your seats kindly contact 03-78035310/012-292 1378 or e-mail the Organiser at



  1. hahaha, purposely write this post to "force" papa to go together??

  2. aiyoh, look at those eyes and expression.. how unwilling to reject right?? :p

  3. oooh, 16/6 that's my birthday eve!! haha~~~

  4. Look at his sweet little face.. You can tell how excited he is..

  5. You're going? Have fun!!!

  6. that's great! go for it!

  7. With these cute pleading looks, your papa's heart will melt... sure GO one!! :)

  8. Eeeeee... use auntie's name summore. LOL!

  9. May

    anything with the word PLAY he will like

  10. Auntie Cleff

    commission bihun la


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