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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mother's Day Celebration at Armada Hotel, PJ

Another "basi"(stale) post.

Last weekend after mulling over where to celebrate Mother's Day, Papa decided to make reservation for Buffet at Armada Hotel, PJ.

They were serving Peranakan Cuisine.

Saw this lovely "Candy Kitchen".

I was getting ready to "cut" it but "kena tahan" (refrained) by Mamarazzi just in time.

 In the end, I took two dessert.

 One I gave to Mamarazzi's friend. 

 And one for Mamarazzi. *pandai bodek*

Papa and Auntie Florence love the array of sushi there. 

 Then Mamarazzi brought me to claim the Free Caricature.

 Supposed to draw Mamarazzi but she said draw me better la.

Jeng! Jeng! Not a very good likeness of me ya? Anyway, I kena Mamarazzi "piak-ed kao kao" coz I "conteng"(defaced) it when I got home. 

 I love the "Bihun"

 Mamarazzi asked me to try the Dim Sum  but I don't like.

 Apart from makan(eating), there were contests too.

 Mamarazzi registered for Sushi Making Contest.

Betul or not oh? Someone who doesn't takes sushi joining Sushi making contest??!

 Very neat looking Sushi.

 Mamarazzi's horrified face when looking at how complicated it was to make Sushi.

 Time to announce the Winner.....

*PENGSAN* Mamarazzi won???

 She gets to bring back the Sushi that she made to our table for us to "enjoy".

 Errrrr...???? Safe to eat or not?

 Better choose the smallest piece.

Eee..yuck! Not nice geh...Mamarazzi made ones not nice geh. Don't wanna eat.

 I preferred the "noodles".

 Some upside down moment with Mamarazzi. Sugar rush.

20kg !!

Just before we came home, Papa saw someone had "cut" the Candy Doll Kitchen.

Papa also took the opportunity to "dismantle" some of parts of the kitchen  for me to play with la. Wah...very nice stove with kitchen cabinets.

 Came home with loads of goodies. Door gifts. Love the key chain

 Family photo with frame.

and the prize from the Sushi making Contest.


  1. wah, so much fun there!
    hahaha, i laughed when I saw your horrified face. So cute! :P

    Oh no, why smallkucing go and conteng conteng.. ><

  2. I love the food mamarazzi, he he he and mamarazzi face expression on the pictures looks very cute la not horrified :P

  3. i am dying for sushi. but sad to say..Bunny dislikes it. had to wait my makan kaki come back kk first. =(

  4. Ooooo...nice family photo! That sketch, not nice lah... You so cute, that one not cute at all. Looks like so old... Ask me to draw better! Tsk! Tsk! Ya...I don't like sushi too... Eat noodles better, kampua lagi best! LOL!!!

  5. where got "basi" this posts??

  6. just few days old only during mother's day mah..

  7. that candy kitchen looks amazing!!

  8. they are for the buffet patrons?? i thot just for display..

  9. The photo "i love bihun"...resembles Dr Jia Jia so much. If you dont know who is DJJ, pls google and watch his videos....;)

    Belated Mothers Day to you.

  10. wah wah wah!!! looks like a very enjoyable day for everyone! Congrats on the winning! Mamarazzi so kuat, can lift Joshua upside down; geng!

    And lastly, Happy Belated Mother's Day, Kathy!!

  11. Ohhh, so nice! :D How much is the buffet btw? Anyway, happy belated mother's day mamarazzi!

  12. Your mother's day celebration is not bad wert! Got goodies and nice food too.

  13. can't imagine if u cut the "mini kitchen" cake >.<

  14. wahhh....congrats to Mamarazzi!!!

  15. Love the food, love the ambiance! Won sushi making contest, congratulations! Happy Mother's Day!

  16. Wow! this must be the greatest Mother's Day event you ever have? hahah! Congrats. The sushi is not bad looking.

  17. Wahahahaha!!! I love that look on your face ... hilarious! My favorite pic of the lot!
    Congrats for winning the sushi making contest and so nice to see you had a great Mother's Day!

  18. Not bad! Not bad! Sushi queen now! How was the food? Worth the price?

  19. That's a wonderful Mother's Day celebration for Mamarazzi. She really got talent. Don't eat sushi but still can win sushi making competition. Congrats!

  20. Congrats on winning the sushi making contest! So much fun.

  21. Congratulations! Practice makes perfect...

  22. Wow Kathy, you sure have mastered the art of rolling sushi. Love the pic your little one drew and so much of fun for honouring mums all over the world.

  23. Now, smallkucing can I have some of your kitchen candy?

  24. smallkucing conteng on his own face arh? *naughty naughty*

    Latest: Best Food of Herbs&Spices

  25. Small kucing quite picky with food!!

    Mamarazzi facial expression very the funny. :D

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  26. Wow.. interesting place.
    very lucky you that day. hehe..
    Still it's not too late to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!!

  27. Wah...great celebration. The sushi Mamarazzi made is very nice. I want to eat it..hehe.

  28. Wow,look like your had a fun day! Happy Belated Mother's day to you. We went to take 8 course meals at a Chinese Restaurant, and waited for 1hour for the meals, next time i better eat at home,hehehe..

  29. Congrats! Your sushi looks very nice! Can I have one?

  30. Isaac

    of course lah...looked so complicated wor

  31. SK

    fews days already mah. Mothers Day no more hot topic jor

  32. Choi Yen

    someone Papa followed

  33. FF

    The food worth the price, yes.

  34. Chloe

    It was fun la the games and stuffs there

  35. mNhL

    Thanks for emailing me the newpapr cippings. I didnt know if you didnt email me

  36. Nava

    no...that one not he drew one...that one drawn by the artist

  37. Fish

    haiz...ya lor wanna copy the artist drawn mah

  38. Sonia

    pengsannnnn.....suruh hungry like mad

  39. Kitty

    LOL...too late...habis liao

  40. mamarazzi has some really awesome drawing skills!!! O: incredible!

    and winning that sushi-making contest, way to go!
    looks like last year's mother's day festivities were a little more enticing. never knew armada hotel had such a happening programme! haha. maybe next year, we should try out armada hotel, too! :D :D

    the kitchen cabinets are adorable (((: love miniature stuff.


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