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Monday, 28 May 2012

Morning Swim and an Early Breakfast at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson

 The next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn. Pretty excited coz I wanna "swim" some more.

Weather was cool. Everywhere was pretty quiet.

I even had the pool all to myself. 

 Not enough leh. Baru half hour swim. I am not hungry. Don't wanna eat  can ah?


Uiks? what is there?

 Something to "play" with wor.

 Put the bread in like this.

Where is it now....?

 Wakakakaka......a "Zebra" bread comes out.

 I sure fancy the orange juice here.

There...get the food from there.

For Mamarazzi there is not much of choice.

 Me...I ate coco crunch lor.

Can I go outside and play?

 Bergaya cikit...

Being "forced" to smile for the camera.

Next...time to check out and start the next leg of our journey.


  1. Hahahahaha!!!! Never seen this type of toaster before kah? Good thing you did not play with the settings - nanti negro toast comes out!

  2. Hi SK, the last time I was in PD was I think 1975.
    Not built up yet like now.
    No highways then too.

  3. early?? so how much earlier and at what time?? haha..

  4. i think it's good for an early morning swim, not so hot and also little people using the pool i suppose..

  5. after a nice swim, good for breakfast because sure hungry mah..

  6. but seems like small kucing didn't enjoy the breakfast woh, he look so sad with that coco crunch he is forced to resort to!! haha..

  7. best thing to do after an early morning swim and breakfast?? GO BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN!! haha~~ :D

  8. Haha, the forced smile looks good though? At least he's bored he don't start terrorizing the other patrons like my two monkeys.

  9. Never been to Port Dickson as yet...

  10. So early go for a swim? Small kucing antics are really funny and cute.

  11. Wah...early swim...looking forward for your next post! I've never been to this place but heard about it quite often.

  12. I went there before too... But the beach so Haha

  13. Its been ages since I have been to Port Dickson. I have heard that the beach is not so clean these days from my friends but that does not mean I don't check out myself.

    Your little one as usual is having fun and love that little smile of his.

  14. Nice vacation! Aiyah, should've known u would be in Malacca too, then we can meet up. Lol!

  15. Wow, J has grown so big already ever since last time when I visited your blog. Love the photo when the toasted bread came out and he looks so tickled to see the bread!

  16. Salute for the morning swim, not cold meh by the way? =.="

  17. Lee

    Now you wont recognise it anymore

  18. SK

    before 7am leh...hantu pun tarak in the pool LOL.

  19. Medie

    Got beach meh? No beach at the hotel wor..only got benteng

  20. nava

    we didnt go to the beach. Just play water at the swimming pool

  21. Shirley

    LOL....too bad. Maybe next time

  22. Alice

    this jakun fella mah never saw such toaster

  23. Choi Yen

    cold but still wanna play


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