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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mamarazzi's Asam Eggs

Mamarazzi was getting bored of cooking the same old  things over and over again. Hence the other day she decided to cook one of her favourite dish. Unfortunately, this is not something that Papa and me liked. That's why she seldom cook it. It's Asam Eggs

The ingredient are dried shrimps, belacan (shrimp paste) and Fresh Chili. Unfortunately she didn't have fresh chili at home so she substituted it with dried chili.

In the old days, the ingredients would be pound in this mortar. 

But now, its much easier with a Blender. However, some folks would insist that ingredient pounded in mortar tasted better.
To make asam eggs, of course must have Asam juice. She took about a tablespoon of asam paste and "melted" it in hot water.

 Some fresh Ladies Fingers

Diced an onion. Don't need much of onion. Just need some to fry it in oil for the aroma.

Some eggs, pepper and salt. Beaten. Usually people would make Asam Eggs out of Hard Boil Eggs but Mamarazzi doesn't like Hard Boiled Eggs so she just fry them.

The method...well....fry the eggs. Put aside. Then fry some of the onions in the Wok till the aroma arise.  Add in the Chili paste and fry a bit. Followed by the Ladies Fingers.

Last  pour in the Asam Water after filtered away the asam seed. Dump the fried eggs into the Wok. Add a bit of sugar according to individual taste.

When the Ladies Fingers are cooked. Then it's time to serve.

Hmmm...the coloring not that nice as compared to using fresh Chili. But beggars can't be chooser, right? 

 As for me, Mamarazzi fried Eggs with the dice onion. 

Goes well, with my rice and soup. Yum yum yummy....


  1. Never tried this before. Usually see those hardboiled ones. Hmmm...should be good, must try sometime.

  2. wah, mamarazzi always trying new things now huh??

  3. hmmm, but i wonder if it's nice?? sourish eggs?? hahahaha, hope it doesn't taste like it's rotten~~ :p

  4. but i don't like ladies fingers lah, yucks, it's so slimy~~ @_@

  5. but then looks like small kucing enjoys eating mamarazzi's cooking lor.. haha!!

  6. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to mamarazzi~~ :)

  7. i miss asam eggs! :) i can finish a whole bowl of rice with just that!

    Latest: Crown of Pork Experience

  8. I never try assam egg, and also first time hearing this. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  9. I never know got such dish - the Asam egg... very "jakun" me >.<

  10. I havent try this before but looks great!! and easy to make :D

  11. Never heard of this dish before but it sure sounds appetizing!

  12. Anything with assam surely very appetising!

  13. STP

    Mamarazzi dun like hardboiled

  14. SK

    Not taste rotten la..Taste spicy sour lo

    thank you :)

  15. Nurra

    taste spicy, sour and a bit sweet


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