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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lunch at Restaurant Nyonya Makko, Taman Melaka Raya

From Port Dickson, we head on to Malacca the Historical City.

Supposed to meet up at Restaurant Nyonya Makko at 11am but we were late. Around 11.30a.m. baru arrived. Paiseh...paiseh.....

Thought go earlier the better coz this restaurant usually would be pack full by noon.

Lucky, Auntie CY family were patience and waited for us. Were were greeted with these tasty "Keropok".

This is our second time eating at this restaurant. Ordered more or less the same dishes that we had before coz found that the food here is good.

 We had this delicious Nyonya Chap Chye(Nyonya Mixed Vegetable)

Kerabu Bendi(Okra). This dish are well loved by all the adults. They boiled the Okra and put a lot of Sambal on top of it. The Okra was not over cooked. Sambal taste was very fiery and yet....nice.

  Omelet Fried with Cincalok. Yummy

Ayam Buah Keluak(Chicken Cooked with Keluak Fruit). Saw in a television show that this Buah Keluak is a poisonous fruit. It's dangerous to eat if it is not cooked properly.

 Asam Fish. Very appetising. It's a bit sourish and spicy . Goes well with rice.

Mamarazzi spotted these "Ang Koo" (Red cake) at the  counter. At first Papa thought RM5 for two pieces but later Mamarazzi looked again it was RM5 for 5 pieces.

Looks good so she bought a packet.

Auntie CY had sago Melaka with Ice Dessert. Said taste pretty good. 

 While Mamarazzi shared with me her bowl of Cendol

It was a hot hot hot day. 

 I can't wait to get my mouth on this Cendol

Cooling sweet cendol. Hmm...I bet Uncle Arthur would be drooling now.

Total bill for 4 adults and 3 kids inclusive of drinks RM93-30. Considered cheap.

Here is the address of the restaurant should you wish to try out their food.

Restaurant Nyonya Makko, 
123, Jalan Merdeka, 
Taman Melaka Raya, 
75000 Melaka, Malaysia . 

Tel 06-2840737 

Business Hours:
Lunch 11.30am to 2.45pm
Dinner 6pm to 9.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays


  1. Looks like a great place to eat... I love it when I can find some restaurant that I really like --and it's also reasonable price-wise...

    Your photos make me hungry. I love Okra--but usually eat mine fried.


  2. I wonder what the red cakes taste like..I think too much color in it..
    I would love to eat the Asam Fish.. It looks really delicious!!

  3. wah, never crossed in mind to make Omelet Fried with Cincalok... Wanna try lah!

  4. The keropok better than your Trengganu ones? Or my Mukah ones? Ooooo....I love Makko. I wonder when I will be able to go back there to enjoy the food again.

  5. My sister asked me to drive to Malacca this weekend.. but I lazy la.. too long journey, quite tiring.. :) otherwise i would love to try their peranakan food too!

  6. hahaha, 30 minutes late only lah, still ok..

  7. wow, so many dishes!! the assam fish looks really good lor.. i think with the gravy can aet two bowls of rice without anything else..

  8. hahaha!! paparazzi was "water fish" woh, RM5 for two pieces?? that's very expensive lah..

  9. luckily mamarazzi "sing mook" at least bought that at the normal price, haha~~

  10. you are brave to eat the Keluak Fruit. It all looks very good Hugs!

  11. Aiseh not only Arthur drooling but me too! Everything looks yummylicious, esp the ice dessert with sago melaka!

  12. Wow, I'm drooling too especially at the sambal bendi and ikan pari dish. yum-yum!

  13. I fancy over the cendol....wah so cooling on these hot day.

  14. Wah, you are on your makan trip again...nice food!! yummmyyy!!

  15. yA, BEED EDUCATED recently by a Nyonya food expert that the buah keluak is poisonous and the preparation is very complicated.

  16. OMG!! This post is killing me!! I WANT!

  17. So,you have been traveling of late ha? okay then,please show us more pictures to come ya?

  18. So this is what auntie missed. >.< Auntie got passed by the Makko on the way back, but opted for another restaurant instead because they were not open for service yet at 5pm. :(

    The cincalok omelet looks really nice, mebbe will try to cook that tonight since auntie got buy a bottle of cincalok on the way back that day. =D

  19. I tried the keruak lately at one of the nyonya restaurants in Bandar Puteri. I found the taste to be so so only.

    This restaurant is definately one I must try when I head to Malacca again. All the way my kind of food.

  20. Oh gosh...this kind of food really make me drool. The cendol looks good..still got so much shaved ice.

  21. It was the first time I've tried yam Buah Keluak in Malacca. Very unique taste.

  22. we are going to Melaka next week too, can bookmark this restaurant for makan malam..hehehe..

  23. Great makan place, nxt time ajak sekali, lol!

  24. I always love that cencaluk omelete whenever I visit Malacca...all food look yummy..ah drooling..visiting you

  25. Betsy

    For us this restaurant is good enough

  26. May

    LOL....ya a bit red but taste good. No worries if eat once in awhile

  27. STP
    of course kenot fight KT ones

  28. Azura

    LOL try it. You'll love it

  29. SK

    Still not nice la for them to wait for us. If adults only should be ok but with kids..susah hungry kenot tahan one

    ANo, Papa saw the same Angkoo. He saw the surface only and thought RM5 for two...coz they arranged 3 pcs on bottom and 2 on top. He saw the top two so he didnt buy lo

  30. Katie

    They kow how to cook the Buah Keluak hence should be safe to eat

  31. Irene

    You quite nearby. Can pop over to Melaka anytime

  32. Aunite cleffairy

    dont make hangus ah

  33. Nava

    maybe depend on how they cook?

  34. Sonia

    saw your post

    you guys can really wallop


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