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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Kiddie Mini Sports Day 2012

Wednesday was our "Mini Sport Day". Early in the morning, Cikgu(Teacher) already there to prepare everything.

Mana tau, Mamarazzi was even earlier there to snap photos cheer for me.

 Pupils were divided into two groups, Rose and Jasmin. I was in Jasmin.

 Right on the dot, Cikgu marched us to the war zone field.

 Guai-Guai sitting in the "camp ground" for Jasmin

Are you ready?!!! 

 I was in the first event. Alamak! nervous till pant dropped.

 Marching on....

Last minute coaching and prep talk. I was placed last coz I am one of the tallest pupils in my age group.

 This is my best friend, A. Though he may not drink fast but he sure can run fast.

First we had to run fast to a chair and sit down. Drink Yakult. Finish the drink. Placed it into a box by the chair. 

Mamarazzi was wondering why give Yakult and not plain water as some kids may be allergic to this type of drink.

 Then we have to run fast fast and pick a ball.

 step into the Hula Hoop and from there throw the ball into the box.

Then run super fast back to the finish line and squat down.

 Mamarazzi guess this game is to train us to eat and drink fast and also be tidy.

 Then it's back to the camp while the rest of my schoolmates go on their respective events.

Mamarazzi got roped in to join the Parents event.

Had to run while holding hands with me and a pack of something on her her.

 Blow a balloon ...gosh...she is terrified of balloons leh.

 Tied our legs together and run back to the finish line.

 *Sweat* tiring. 

We didn't win that. The other mother can multitask. She can blow balloon and tie leg at the same time. But we sure had fun.


  1. Too cute! I especially love the war zone reference;)

  2. Ya...that's most important - having fun. Many parents' so kiasu, must win one...very bad to instil that kind of attitude in little kids.

  3. haha, how many students in total?? like just only 5 in each team??

  4. but i don't like the team name lah.. so boring and not kiddy friendly, haha!!

  5. ros and jasmin woh.. should have given nicer names like Ironman and Thor mah~~ :D

  6. haha, i wonder how did all those cute kids enjoy the sports day??

  7. or just blur blur go there thought of playing games and makan only??

  8. but one thing for sure lah, sure the PARENTS were more excited than the kids!! hahaha~~ :D

  9. Wonderful 'sports day' for you, Small Kucing!!!!! Loved all of the photos that Mama took of you and your friends... Looked like SO much fun!!!!!


  10. bet u n mamarazzi had lotsa of fun.

  11. Reminds me of the family day I had the other day.. makes us feel young again, hor.. :)

  12. Looks fun and it's so nice of mamarazzi to go support and join in the fun :D

    p/s: they didn't renovate the place, the glass falling water is still there HEHE

  13. future sportsman ya small kucing :)

  14. oh, ur kindy so fast already sports day?? my boy one this coming july..

    ur mamarazi geng woh, reach so early, aunty hor, for the past few years, went there on the dot then cabut half way..cannot stand the heat lah...kakakaka

  15. Looks like you all had so much fun. :) The balloon so small only ah.

  16. he looks so cute :) good to have mummy around during school events like this..

    Latest: Matcha, Goma and Fruity Sushi

  17. Your caption for your photos are always so funny... about your best fren who can't drink fast but can fun fast, and the other mother who won because she multitask... haha! Oh well, who cares, so long as lotsa fun and smiles!

  18. SK

    about 80 students but Mamarazzi thinks some ponteng.

    Will tell the Princip-al on the teams name. Must put Harimau Malaya or something like that is it?

    Just go there play play lor

  19. Claire

    Ya lo,...tumpang their sports day

  20. Hilda

    Ya fun days...oh they still have it ya

  21. Wyson

    Mamarazzi excited lor...coz first year

  22. Choi Yen

    everyone got a prize :)


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