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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Was "kidnapped" and End-Up in Lukut

Last Friday, Papa and Mamarazzi were late in picking me up from school. They looked like they are up to something when they came. All dressed up and stuffs like that.

Where are you taking me?

 I thought after school go home and oi oi....

 Huh? ask me to eat a bun first? Where are you guys "kidnapping" me to?

Why am I so sleepy one ah? The bun got "ubat tidur" ah?

 Big Bun?? RM28??

  Aiyo....just now eat bun still want me to eat bun?

Some more Curry Chicken Bun pulak. I know you guys like it very much la. Dip the Roti(Bread) into the curry very nice lah but I don't like spicy food leh.

 Bring me all the way here just to eat Bun ka?

 Ooo lucky got "noodles" for me.

 Mmm,....better eat first before it's cold.

Tasted not bad although the presentation not as nice. 

So where are we heading to next? Wassup?

Here is the address in the event that you wanna try out the Curry Chicken Bun
Lucky King Bun (Lukut Seafood Restaurant)
No.4366, Taman Aman, Lukut,
71010 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan.


  1. OMGi thought kena kidnapped betul - betul, heart attack lorrrr me... :P mamarazzi jokes makes me terperanjat!!

  2. Yalor, why take you there to eat curry and bun? Take you to Sibu eat kampua and kompia better hor? Those, sure you like! LOL!!!

  3. Oh....actually kena kidnapped and go eat nice food.

  4. Yes, I tried this before ! It's nice!

  5. everyday after school kena kidnapped to go makan nice food huh?? :p

  6. so the big bun is kind of those kampar roti ayam??

  7. oooh, the noodles looks good too!!

  8. J can use chopsticks...very geng! i will show this pic to my son tonight. hope he will learn up

  9. dun really fancy curry bun.

    Noodles look good!

  10. wow, so nice, can go for trip right after school! love bun and curry too... mmmm

  11. Never taken to curry and breads. perhaps its because i don't fancy curry much because of the coconut milk in it.

  12. Now got curry crabs in Ipoh.. crabs wrapped up in hot bun.. :)

  13. Poor boy. Luckily got the noodles to cheer him up

  14. I only tried the curry chicken with bun once at Ipoh, not bad though :)

  15. Once a while, we will eat this bun too. Very thick curry gravy. sedapnya!

  16. Look at your nice trip,this school holiday also want to bring my family for vacation..

  17. Oh yes, I love the curry bun and the noodles too.

  18. Haha...smallkucing kena kidnapped huh. The big bun with curry inside sure sedaplah. I love it.

  19. oh i think i saw this place when we last went to PD but didn't drop by. must do so next time. boy, you all went all the way just to eat the buns?

  20. For a moment, I thought your son can eat curry at such a young age. My kid just started trying spicy stuff in his teens & now he's loving it. Lol! The curry bun looks popular.

  21. LOL @ your post topic!!! I was surprise when you said this noodles tasted so good.. Guess the presentation was really bad...

  22. Go all the way to PD to eat buns? I salute you guys.

  23. Missyblurkitt

    try it.This one not that much of santan

  24. caroliegrant

    Crab wrapped in bun??? I wanna try

  25. Choii Yen

    Next time will try the ipoh ones, Usued to have in Petaling street but now dont know gone ehwre

  26. Mumsy to Chumsy

    no there is a part 2,3,4....LOL

  27. Shirley

    no la he doesnt like spcy food

  28. May

    presentation not good but it taste well


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