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Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Hot Day at Nadeje, Mahkota Parade Malacca

Shhh...don't tell people we got lost looking for Nadeje. Went one BIG round from Proclamation of Independence Memorial to find the place. End up at the same place again. 

Then only got to know that the place had moved to Mahkota Parade instead.  Tiring and frustrating.

We finally found the place. To our horror there was a long queue going in to the place. 

After a lot of hassle we managed to get seated...mot in the shop itself but at the veranda which was pretty hot despite fan were placed there.

Mamarazzi when inside the shop and asked the lady there which are their famous/popular crepe. The lady answered all on display are their famous crepe. Can't blame her as she looked tired from attending too many customers.

Not knowing what is good and not sure what is in the crepe from the names, Mamarazzi simply point to three crepe.

She got us one piece of  Banana Chocolate Crepe.

Don't ask her how did it taste like coz the weather was too hot making the environment not really conducive to enjoy the crepe properly.

We, kids, walloped most of the Crepe.

Cheese something something crepe.

Tiramisu Crepe

Our drinks came. Mine was Mango Yakult.

Saw they mixed Yakult and mango juice...I also wanna try "mixing" drinks la. I mixed Papa's Coke Light withn Orange Juice.

Taste? Errr...better not try this next time.

Papa ordered Onion Rings.

This is an "O". Didi (little brother)  made a "C".

whatever it is, it certainly tasted good.

Mamarazzi concluded that she would wanna try out this shop again at a time where it is not so crowded. Maybe then the service would be better and she could enjoy the food there.

Here is the address if you wish to pay the shop a visit :
Lot G23B, EG4 &EG5
Ground Floor Mahkota Parade
No 1 Jalan Merdeka
75000 Melaka
(located outside of the building next to KFC)


  1. After you found the had good food! The Crepe looks so yummy

  2. this Nadeje is like now a must go "tourist spot" in Malacca lah..

  3. after eating the chicken rice balls then must go to Nadeje for dessert, haha~~

  4. it's ok lah you were lost finding Nadeje, because i've never been there too also!! :D

  5. oooh, great choice of the mille crepe!! but then you didn't order the most original ones?? i heard the original flavor is cool~~

  6. aiyoh, coke tambah orange juice not nice at all lah, tak padan also.. if want to mix, then mix with sprite or 7-up lah.. that will taste nice..

  7. McD also doing like that mah.. they mix the minute maid orange juice into sprite one.. this is what they call Orange McFizz..

  8. yoh, i wanna go try that mille crepe lah.. i seem so ulu now that everyone also tried before except me.. :D

  9. Haiyar!!! So your mamma cannot tell me whether they are better than the ones in Sibu lah? Well, for one thing, they've more varieties...but as far as I know, theirs are more expensive.

  10. saw some bloggers blog about this crepe, hehe...

  11. i had vanilla & choco banana. i think choco banana is not bad.

  12. Nadeje.. never heard of it.. so many people queuing? must be good then..

  13. Tried this before on the way back from JPO in the new year (friend wanted to tarpau) - didn't stay to makan, there wasn't much to choose from by late afternoon. If you tell them you want to bring back to KL, they know what to do one.

    The gula melaka crepe was not bad - when in Malacca, go for gula melaka, LOL.

    I doubt the place will ever be less crowded one lah; just saying.

  14. Nadeja has become one of the tourist spot at Melaka huh... =D

  15. I have yet to try any crepe before. Look at your review, they must be real nice.

  16. Hahahah! But at least you found the place. Yummy crepes.

  17. I also went Malacca last year purposely to have these layers of crepes. The original flavour is very nice and many people recommended that. You can check out my blog at here

  18. Many people are so in love with Crepe down here..Although i have not tasted it before, hope to do so someday..

  19. When an outlet is so crowded, thats what happens to the service. By the way, the crepes does look so good and it so popular in Malacca. I however did not try any during my trip to Malacca.

  20. I've always wanted to try this, but don't have the chance yet

  21. i did tried this during my last trip there and indeed , its really taste good. I went there on weekday and can find a place to seat..ya, the original one was the best!

  22. SK

    now famous we also kaypoh go and see lo

    dont know which is original pun....the lady was too busy to intro

  23. STP

    hot and tired mood to enjoy it properly

  24. Synical

    Hope next time when not so crowded then can enjoy it more

  25. Yan

    after you tried, can make la :)

  26. Diana

    wow..urposely for that...

  27. Nava

    too many people were there

  28. Wyson

    ya next time have to go weekday


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