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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Home Tutor, Anyone?

 Yay! Yay! This week is Examination week in my "school".

Why am I so happy? Coz am not sitting for examination this year. The Principal said no exam for my class. Only those from Year 5 and Year 6 have Exam.

Poor those Kor Kor and Jie Jie. Mamarazzi can see the grandparents were quite stressed about it. Yup, you read correctly. It's the grandparents that fetch the kids to and fro from school nowadays since most parents are working.

Some of grand parents were talking about needing tutor for the kids soon coz they would be entering Primary School. They were asking each other if they know anyone willing to give home tuition coz they are reluctant to send the kids to tuition centre.

Having a home tutor it's good as the kids would have one-to-one attention from the tutors and it's safer too. The parents or grandparents also won't have to stress about sending and fetching the kids from tuition centre.

To bad lah, they didn't ask Mamarazzi or else she can recommend to them one website to go to in order to find suitable home tutor for their kids. It matches students with suitable tutors. Parents just need to sign up for Free the Request Form Online and the company will contact them.

Mamarazzi browse through the website and saw that the tutors registered there are not just any tutor but most of them holds a Degree or something similar.

Love the part where they put in the Budget Guide. It's scary to hear from some of Mamarazzi's friends who saids how exorbitant some tutors out there would quote for home tuition. It's good that the company put a guide there.

It's also suitable for those individual who is looking for tutoring jobs to supplement their income. Time are hard nowadays. Unlike some job agency, this website allows them to sign up as Tutor for free.

After that, they can post their resume online and also what kind to tutoring that they are looking for.  Then they can starts browse through the website for jobs that suits them the most. It's much better than finding jobs by way of words of mouth.

In another way, it's safer too for the tutors especially the female tutors coz the company would have the some records of the person requesting for tutor.

Mamarazzi is impressed by their website. They have Tutors registered with them all over Malaysia. She is bookmarking this website for future use. Very convenient and easy. Love their cute logo.


  1. Wah!!! Two posts in a day! What Year 5, Year 6? You mean 2nd & 3rd Year kindy, I suppose...

  2. Nope..memang year 5 & 6. some send the kids there very young. they call nursery la and its count from there.

  3. Parents are more stressed out these days when their children have to do exams. Nowadays, its about scoring A's and plenty of it. No wonder tuition centers are making plenty of money. The online sharing is great btw.

  4. yalah, nowadays kids got so much to study and so much to learn..

  5. i think the kindergartens are already studying primary school syllabus now..

  6. and very competitive also, because parents or grandparents all very kiasu (not the kids themselves)..

  7. that's why there are demands for home tutor.. this is a very good business.. they earn a lot one..

  8. that's why need to be very enterprise already, haha!! website sure must catchy also..

  9. Very nice post you have written.. :)

  10. Yea...Ethel having her exam this week.

  11. so good no exam...Ryan is having his mid term exam next week...I am getting kan-cheong.

  12. Cham liao lo u... will have to kena tuition soon liao!

  13. SK

    If home tuition safer lo. at least can monitor the kids and the teacher


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