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Friday, 18 May 2012

Fun Time at Petro Sains, KLCC

Last Friday Mamarazzi brought me to Petro Sains at KLCC. We took LRT to go there. 

A funny thing happen while we were waiting for the LRT. 

A Chinese lady was shouting "Dxx Lan!  Dxx Lan"( sound like foul language in Chinese). Mamarazzi was puzzled at who she was shouting at.Look see look see....saw a boy running to that lady. Alamak! English name + lisp = embarrassment.

Anyway, we got to KLCC safely without anymore funny episode.

When we arrived, we went and claim the tickets from the Counter. Got two complimentary tickets from Mommy Ling

The journey starts with "The Dark Ride".  It scary for me in the beginning but after that I was amazed. Sorry no photo taking or video allowed during The Dark Ride.

Kinda disorientated after disembark from the ride. Then we start our journey of discoveries.

There were so many things to do there. I get to "create" a Tornado. Then played with "lightning".

Played with the "balls"

Surprised that they have "Wayang Kulit" (Shadow Play). I got to play a bit with it

Hmmm.... this fella looks familiar.

Mamarazzi said if I can "catch" this car, I can bring it home.....but.....why the car kept disappearing ah? a Mini Crane for me to "drive"

 I had a great time driving the Crane. many ME....'s endless.

Do you dare?

It was like going into the Twilight Zone.

ARGH!!!!! Greeted by this "rapping" dinosaur. Terror leh....can rap in Malay Language

The Lost world

Out of the Lost World we came to the modern world of discovery pulak. Found magnet that can make the "hair" move.

Manicure for Mamarazzi?

This Uncle showed me how to make music out of wine glasses.

I even got to fly an aeroplane.

A bit of time at the Playland while waiting for the Helicopter Simulator Ride(RM3/person) brings us to the Oil Rig.

The ride was super exciting and much cheaper that similar rides elsewhere.

At the Oil Rig, I saw something incredible.

A lady put a burning rock onto the palm of a man's hand and it did not burn his hand!!!

Then I "drove" like mad.

Huh....still come out last place ah?

Okay what about this car. leg not long enough. Mamarazzi had to "help" press the petrol pedal.

Ooo...this is the place where the Oil Rig Crew sleep and eat ya?

Gosh! Here also have super slide. Just like the LEX Slide in Empire Shopping Gallery. Too bad am not allowed to play that.

Hello! Hello! anyone there?

Play Street Smart game pulak. 

Oppsss.....drove too fast. "Killed" a cat.

Hmm... maybe this one I can win.

WOW! Giant "piano".

 Love this place. A lot of musical and art stuffs to play. I play till I didn't wanna go home. But Mamarazzi said it's late already. Later the LRT will be jam packed with office workers going home.

But before we go home, we stopped by the gift shops there. Bought some toys home for me. Surprised that the things there are quite cheap.

Some toy that looks like Lego but it's not.

I wanna make a car. Kinda hard to make but Papa managed to make one for me.

The next day, I told Papa I wanna go Petro Sains again but Papa said no coz no more free tickets. I like that place. I could spend whole day there.


  1. yey, bestnya lil boy got new toys whoa buy so many ya.... :) look's like he have so much of fun there :D

  2. Pay lor! Buy the tickets.... So kiam siap, your pappa. Try the National Science Centre too. And the National Museum. Go to more educational places... Good way to pass the time.

  3. I reckoned the tix is applicable for adult rite

  4. actually it's a great place to bring kids to..

  5. see!! there's just so much fun in there..

  6. and small kucing likes it so much, see how much he enjoys all the things..

  7. haha!! i think can go once in a long while and not so frequent lah..

  8. Never been there before.

  9. wah SK....auntie pun tak pernah sampai lagi petrosains..tapi now, bila SK kata ada dinosaur yang rap in BM..wah..kena dengar lah nih...ada sound cam KRU tak?...

  10. wow..I still hvn't been there yet..

  11. I missed this place again when I was at KLCC the last time. So much fun inside. Thanks for sharing ya!

  12. Looks like a great place for kids to play and enjoy!!!!! AND--I can tell that Small Kucing LOVED it....

  13. Wah, looks so fun! I also wanna play. Hahaha!

  14. I seldom go KLCC...jauh. Never thought of bringing Gwen to Petrosains, should bring her there one day. Smallkucing had so much fun ya.

  15. We went there too but on Sunday. I've yet to blog about it! It was a fun place to visit !

  16. Wah, so much fun! I must take my kids there!

  17. the petrosains looks like a fun-filled place. i think Ashley would like to go too.

  18. Ah looks like a must go place! I also have not been there before.

  19. Must be a fun place for kids.... and adults! :)

  20. Went there once but can't remember what I've play :P

  21. good boy like smallkucing dont learn vulgars from lrt aunty ya :)

    Latest: Romantic Affair with Mummy

  22. Great educational trip for your little one and this place is so popular now for kids to explore.

  23. Petrosains is still one of my fave places. In fact we celebrated my wedding anniversary here a couple of years back:D

  24. He really had a great time, exploring so many things in a day. HAHAH Dinosaur rapping in Malay, how cool :P You should have recorded it.

  25. Ling

    Yes, they have two adult and two kids tix

  26. SK

    J would enjoy it more when he is bigger and know what the meaning of all the games there. Educational lo

  27. Mery

    should bring Ryan next time

  28. Marie

    memang macam them....hmmm entah entah recorded by them kot?

  29. sheoh yan

    our first time there too

  30. mNhL

    it was sure fun

    sunday sure more things to play

  31. Mummy to Chunsy

    I think most kids would like

  32. Claire

    and those young at heart

  33. Chee Yee

    bring your kids there. It should be fun for them

  34. choi yen

    too many things there

  35. Fish

    LOL....the lady got chinese pelat lo....pity the fella

  36. Missblur kitt

    at petrosains???

  37. Hilda

    aiyak....never thought of that...haiz


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