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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fun Time and Water Got Into My Nose

Super strong!

 After makan, Papa made a call to Glory Beach Resort at Port Dickson to ask of there are rooms available.

The person on the line said that they have 2 bedrooms apartment available at the rate of RM275 or something like that.

Hmm....certainly more expensive than what Papa saw in the Internet which was RM207 a night. Papa decided to make booking online instead.

Very fast and easy. Within 15mins, we've got out booking number and we head on to Glory Beach Resort.

 Wanna be model can ah? Somebody said too sexy wor.

 How about like this?

 Saw some girls playing water slide. I also want la

 Jeng! Jeng!

 Going down!!!!



 plop! plop!


 Pening(dizzy) liao

 Water goes into my nose liao..

 Splash Mamarazzi! Why never warn me about the slide one! Had the shock of my life!

 Eeee.....what is that Uncle doing. Sneezing Shxx out of his nose and spit his phlegm into the grille of the swimming pool like that.

No doubt la the water will go into the drain geli (disgusting)

 I told Papa that swimming pool at our house not nice. I like this one better. This one is deeper.

 Naughty Papa lead me to the "waterfall".

 Eh ! The Ice-Cream man

 I want I want....

 But I wanna swim also wor....

 While I was "Chilaxing" with Papa ...

 Mamarazzi went to the Turtle Hatchery Centre next to the pool many turtles

Thought only Trengganu have. Didn't realise here also have .

Next stop.....makan (eat) time...


  1. So skinny... Tua thow, say lor pelantin!!! (big head, small body...walk, fall down - rolling over)

  2. Small Kuching has so much fun in the pool. His swimming suit is cute.

  3. indeed Small Kucing had so much fun

  4. So much fun! I like the way he slide down to the pool..all smiles!

  5. sexy model must wear sexy swimsuit when in the water :P haha

    Latest: Worst in Town

  6. of course booking from the internet is normally cheaper one..

  7. hahaha, meaning not so many people lah, you last minute book online still ada bilik..

  8. wah, so happy hor small kucing.. after school kena kidnapped to go eat and play..

  9. Wah...he was brave to slide down like that haha. This hotel looks good. How's the room?

  10. small kucing got nice swim suit, must show off mah hor. :p

  11. Is the hotel clean? We went to PD too last week. So coincidence. We both went to Petrosains and PD. hhaahah

  12. The slides is quite long and smallkucing is brave to sit on it!

  13. Just back from a blogging trip in Malaysia. What a fun post! Your son is sooooo damn SEXY~! Hahaha! I'll be back for more....

  14. shiok one! Going here and there.. very nice vacation! Makes me wanna go driving on highway again..

  15. This pictures makes me wanna take my kids to the pool.. but unfortunately our weather over here is not yet that hot.. Just can't wait to go have some fun!!! I can see that you all are having great time..

  16. Whoa, your boy does know how to post~lah! Well trained huh. haha.... He has been having so much fun.
    Hope you're having a great day.

  17. i love the photo of your son chillaxing with his dad.

  18. Fun! At least he didn't cry. Some kids will get very shocked and don't dare to go on the water slide again.

  19. STP

    No wonder always fall down

  20. Mummy Gwen

    Room was a bit small. Master beadroom bed queen size whle the 2nd room was single bed

  21. mNhL

    and both times also difference of two days....petrosains we went fri, you went sun, PD we went Fri U went sun LOL.....Room was clean before we use la ...after we use dirty lo kekekekeke

  22. Shirley

    hope you had a nice trip :)

  23. May

    here weather super hot that day

  24. Kristy

    ya it was a fun day for him

  25. Chloe

    this one lembu a bit. Wont cry one


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