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Monday, 14 May 2012

"Empress Dowager" Jelly?

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?

The other day Mommy Ling gave some "Gwai Fah Koh"(Empress Dowager Dessert) for Mamarazzi to taste.
Mamarazzi was curious how she made that. She thought it was from Chrysanthemum flower but Mommy Ling told her it's not and that if Mamarazzi would like to try to make, she have some of the flowers.

The next day, Mommy Ling pass her this bottle of Osmanthus Flower. Can buy this flower from Tea shop/houses.

Using a packet of Jelly strip, Mamarazzi tried to make some "Empress Dowager Jelly" yesterday morning.

She boiled the flower with the Jelly strips till the Jelly melted.

 Added some Gei Zhi .

Jeng! Jeng! some "Empress Dowager Jelly Fish. 

Hmm....must be Mamarazzi boiled the flowers too long. The flower all did not float in the jelly like those that Mommy Ling gave. Looks like need to experiment some more lor!


  1. I like the gold fish shape Kwai Far Gou...So how is our little Kucing over there? Weather these days really make people falls sick easily and it is good to have nice and cooling Kwai Far Gou.

  2. Muahahahahaha!!!! No worries, Edison tried 99 times, was it? Before he invented the light bulb...

  3. always heard about kwai fa but never try before, how's the taste actually? Bitter?

  4. I never taste Gwai Fah Koh before. It's easy to do it.

  5. Gwa Far Gou? what is tat? Does it taste like Konyaku jelly?
    Never try before.

  6. Happy belated Mother's Day, dear! Hope u'd a good time. These jellies look sweet & lovely. Fragrant too!

  7. I have never heard of this jelly but sure looks so intriguing with a great outcome.

  8. hey, they look good, Mamarazzi... clever.. some shops are selling expensive these kwai far gou..

  9. going healthy living ya? good good! XD

  10. Hmm... looks really interesting.

  11. healthy rocks! LOL. Yummy yummy

  12. STP

    if make this one 99 sure me lausai

  13. Ling

    Look ok only the flower tak rata

  14. Choi Yen

    sweet and a bit kum kum

  15. Nava

    you go ancoo journal. she made nicer


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