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Monday, 21 May 2012

Dinner at Restaurant Ming Xiang, Subang 2.

 Hungry...starving liao.....

We had Yong Chau Fried Rice. Very generous portion of Char Siew(BBQ Pork Meat) but the rice not enough "wok hei".

"Mun Yee Mee". Taste pretty good. Generous portion of Squid.

 Certainly no complaints n the Roast Pork. Super crunchy skin.

Gotta love the drinks. My Carrot Milk was great and the same goes for Mamarazzi's Ice Lemon Tea. There was a hint of lemongrass in Mamarazzi's Ice Lemon Tea. Yum....

Check out Mamarazzi post in this restaurant here.


  1. Looks delicious. I love fried rice --and order it sometimes here with shrimp in it... YUM...

    Bet your iced tea was GREAT.. The lemon always add a little to the flavor.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. but the fried rice looks very nice woh..

  3. not enough "wok hey" but then still nice or not??

  4. oooh, craving for that "mun yee mee" lah.. long time didn't have this already..

  5. carrot milk???? haven't tasted that yet. I wonder what is taste like

  6. cute boy...huggy huggy for baby boy.. XD

  7. Mee looks like Sibu Foochow fried mee leh? Fried rice? Hmmm...I am sure mine is nicer. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. My kids love to order yang Chou fried rice from tai chow stall because of the wok hei. They always ask me why my fried rice no wok hei, LOL.

  9. eat so little tonight? crispy pork skin never fails to tempt me :)

    Latest: Largest Pizza in Town

  10. D fried rice looks good..must have lots of wok hei...
    It is one of my fav food..

  11. Your are tempting me with the roasted pork and noodles drenched in the sauce. Great check out at this place.

  12. The roasted pork look yummy.

  13. ove mun yee meen and roast pork too, especially the crunchy skin :-)

  14. crunchy skin siew yok? OMG! I wantttttt!

  15. This is the roast duck place, right?

  16. Betsy

    Wowo you sure know your Chinese food :)

  17. Sonia

    our wok cannot compared with them

  18. Nava

    if you happen to be here la

  19. Missyblurkitt

    kekekeke come here la


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