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Friday, 25 May 2012

Chilaxing Time at IceRoom, Port Dickson

After dinner, we went "vroom vroom" round around Port Dickson Town. Amazing. It's very developed now.  Quite many "makan shop" and sopping complexes.

Saw a Funfair near "The Store". Spotted McD. Mamarazzi nuts about McD. Not for the meals but for their toys. 

This month they are giving Hot Wheels cars and Barbie dolls. Of course la Mamarazzi want to collect the Hot Wheels.  Cool ya....

We spotted "Ice Room" while we were going about the town. Since Mamarazzi "wek wek-ed", she suggested that we stop there for some "ice".

Funny...In Kota Damansara also have one "Ice Room" and she did not say wanna go. But come Port Dickson go for it pulak.

Orange Smoothies (RM6) for me but to their surprise, I had just a bit of this only. 

I was more engrossed playing with my new toy. Papa finished this for me.

Mamarazzi pot of Healthy Green Tea (RM4-50). Not bad.

 Papa's now of ice is called "The Red Star"( RM7-90). Funny how they put cornflakes on top.

Mamarazzi's bowl of ice "Mango Pomelo Snow Ice"(RM7-90). It could be Mamarazzi's taste buds error coz  she said there was no trace Pomelo. It tasted like Mango. Maybe Mango taste over powered the pomelo taste?

However, she loved the ice coz it was so fine. Sort of dry powdery instead of like ABC type of ice, if you know what I mean.

Hong Kong Wanton Soup Noodle (RM7-90). This one I loved. Supposed to be for Mamarazzi since she "wek wek-ed" out the dinner but I walloped half of it.

Mamarazzi also said tasted good. The Wanton was solely consist of whole prawn and they were big prawns too.

Said she wanna try out the outlet in Kota Damansara when we go back. See if the food standard is the same as the one in Port Dickson or not.

Here is the address of the Port Dickson outlet should you wish to drop by there :

52, Jalan Aman Shah,
71000 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
Tel :06-647 6808


  1. Ohhhhhhhh!!!! She wek-wek kah? You're going to have a baby brother or sister soon? many months liao? Made in Sibu kah? LOL!!!

    I wouldn't want to have those desserts - no, thank you...once is enough.

  2. Wow---what a great place!!!! Loved reading about the "Ice Room" (Ice House).... Here we used to call them Icee's (pronounced Ice-Eeees)... When I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, they called them Snowballs --and they were excellent. Now--people call them Smoothies--and they are fancy ones like some of the ones you showed.... So delicious on a hot summer day!


  3. yalah PD now very developed and also very commercialize already..

  4. KD also have one branch but never bother to visit at all.

  5. haha, all the way patronising Ice Room in PD ah?? ok lah, at least you like the ice and wanton~~

  6. mango pomelo?? i think should be pomelo sacs in the mango juice, the pomelo isn't blended with the mango one..

  7. fuyoh, mamarazzi wanted the hotwheel cars is it, not for small kucing?? haha.. uncle SK looking forward to the new toys next month, hopefully it's doraemon, haha!!

  8. The dessert looks good wor. Will the price cheaper at PD than the branch in Kota Damansara here?

  9. mostly people will be there after back from beach?

  10. Yummy! I love ice cream.
    Mamarazzi wek wek? Maybe small kucing going to have lil bro or sister... Hehe.

  11. The ice snowflakes looks my throat is very dry and itchy...

  12. We tried the one in KD quite some time ago when they were newly opened. They have a very nice playground upstairs (last time nice, now dunno well-maintained or not).

  13. I wish to have that ice now, sound so cool..

  14. We also tried this when we were in PD last year. Really good! Nice environment too.

  15. While your post, I can't quite get what wek-wek-ed is, not until I read the comment of Suituapui. lol

  16. I came here too n someone commented that the food at K.D was suck, maybe u can go try try see whether true or not. :p

  17. Wow what neat toys to play with...great pics of food too

  18. Wah, the desserts look so good! Enjoy your weekend, dear!

  19. Great review! Now I am getting hungry :)

    My great grandmother is from Malaysia and I have several relatives who live there. I chanced upon your blog through Betsy's. I'll be back for more of your interesting entries.

    Take care, Farida:D

  20. Nice cooling ice desserts and it must have done wonder for our burning heat. Oh yes, wan ton is my kind of food too and thats a good review you have done.

  21. STP

    Wek Wek coz ate something that does not agree with her tum tum

  22. Betsy

    it certainly was just the thing to cool down for the day

  23. Sk

    everywhere also getting commercialise.

    untung leg if get hotwheels

  24. Iling

    that's why laugh. KD hv a branch tak mau go but go PD branch pulak

  25. Chee Yee

    Not sure wor. Price should be the same gua since same shop name

  26. Nikel

    Not sure coz by the time we were there it was quite late already

  27. Azura

    Laaaa ke situ pulak dah :p

  28. Claire

    then u cannot eat la...later become worst cough

  29. Chloe

    ooohhh then we must go and try

  30. Choi Yen

    is it? will go try and see

  31. Shirley

    It was a great weekend :)

  32. Farida

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  33. Nava

    Mamarazzi loves the wanton coz got big big prawns :)


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