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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Bottles) Is In USJ Now!!!

Not long ago, Mommy Ling gave Mamarazzi a bottle of floor Cleaner that she bought from BYOB. Mamarazzi found that it was very good. Finished liao but kinda lazy to go all the way to Cheras to get refill.

Can you guess how happy she was when she saw Sasha announced that BYOB will be opening in Subang Jaya?

Well, on Sunday we finally managed to drop by BYOB Subang Jaya Branch.

It was kinda hard to find but me managed to find it some how. Small place but tastefully decorated and neat too.

 Sitting while waiting for Papa and Mamarazzi to decide on what to get.

Quite a lot of products here. From body gel, soap, detergent to floor cleaner. They've got almost every cleaning products here.

Very clever of them to put sample of the products nicely labeled for customers to see. 

 The products are stacked neatly on the shelves.

We managed to get quite a variety of products. Total bill comes up to RM34 only. Not bad ya? Not only it's environment friendly but pocket friendly too.

Thank you very much to Sasha for helping us to clean the bottles before refilling them.

For further information, do check out their Facebook

BYOB Subang Jaya is located at

25-1 Jalan USJ 9/5Q
UEP Subang Jaya
47620 Selangor
Tel :016-323 9878


  1. if i didn't know better, i'd think the store room looks like a drug lab!!

  2. Hi There, I'm trying to catch up after being gone for a week.

    Looks like an interesting place.. SO--if I understand, it looks like you take your own bottles and they will fill them with the floor cleaners, etc. which you want. That is NEAT... Don't think we have a place like that around here. Here in the USA, BYOB means "Bring your Own Booze".... That's definitely not floor cleaners!


  3. Glad that you found the place, and i guess many will find the store really helpful..

  4. Very economy. =)

    p/s: I've review on Switched book.

  5. No food? LOL!!!

  6. haha NO FOOD??? sorry ah forgot to give u the coupon for the POPCORN next door! U missed it! its very very yummy! and again, thanks for coming and hope to see you soon :)

  7. Wonder when they would be coming over to EM??

  8. The quality of the cleaner same as the branded 1?

  9. Eh, i didn't know about this.. hehe. Thanks for sharing wor

  10. are a user too. They should open one in Puchong.

    1. Mummy Gwen, nearest to puchong is Subang outlet. very near only. come lah :)

  11. How I wish someone open this ship in my area?

  12. I am in for saving the environment and carrying your own bottles are a way in recycling. I should check out this place because its pretty cheap for the refills you did.

  13. i just bought mine at their Mahkota Cheras outlet..really can saves up alot, and their product is GOOD! I bought everything to try, from body wash, car wash, dish wash, clothes wash, toilet wash and whatever wash you can think of...hahahaha

  14. i've just bought mine last week at their mahkota cheras outlet, and yes, their products is GOOD! i bought everything to try, from body wash, car wash, toilet wash, floor wash, clothes wash and whatever wash you can think of..LOL

  15. Hope Sasha will open a shop in Ipoh!

  16. Really good to use? Hmm I want to try too. Almost time for me to replenish the detergent.

  17. I think I saw BYOB somewhere but never knew it meant bring your own bottle. Quite cool concept they have there!

  18. Betsy

    so fast come back from your vacation?

    LOL...a good one bring your own booze

  19. Sasha

    Next round when come for refill la :)

  20. Rose

    maybe you can open one over ther?

  21. Choi yen

    so far Mamarazzi use ok lo the product

  22. Isaac

    Big news leh....LOL...Guess your wife might know la

  23. Mummy Gwen

    Maybe you open one?

  24. Sheoh Yan

    Maybe you can consider opening one?

  25. Nava

    since its quite near our place, so worth going

  26. Wyson

    at first we thought go Mahkota but the so far. Then saw sasha open one in USJ so its nearer lo

  27. Claire

    maybe when u retired you open la


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