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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bubbly Tea at Kelana Jaya LRT

I was very thirsty. I wanna drink something. Ya, Mamarazzi know that there were a lot of negative publicity about bubble tea recently but once in a blue moon should be okay, right?

Wow, shake it babe....

Uiks...very clever wor. GIve free sample of muffins with their FB address

Purchase above a certain amount will get lucky draw for Mother's Day leh

Well, did fill up the form. Hmmm.... no news so far. Means no luck gua.

 My Watermelon with Lychee drink. I like it.

Auntie Florence's Passion Fruit drink. Mamarazzi didn't like. Guess, am lucky that I chosen Watermelon.


  1. Nice photos! I must say that the water melon drink looks good.. I love eating water melon, especially now the weather is getting hotter..
    Hope you enjoy your weekend..

  2. Bubble tea? No, thank you...

  3. bubble tea is everywhere now!!

  4. so scary they have more outlets than 7-11~~

  5. but i never bother to try them also lah..

  6. because they are all just chemicals, sugar, coloring and flavoring only..

  7. I need one now.. very hot weather here in Ipoh...

  8. Why bubble tea is so notoriously named as such? because it has bubbles lah. wkwkwk

  9. I am missing bubble tea! That is also very famous in the Philippines... i wasn't aware that there are bad publicity going on about bubble teas? because they are not healthy?

    Spanish Pinay

  10. Nice drinks for hot days like these .....

  11. I am surrounded with so many choices of bubble tea in Subang Jaya and the best among the rest is Chatime. I heard and the taste is more natural compared with the other outlets which I am scared of the coloring.

    Nice water melon drink for the burning weather I cannot tahan lah.

  12. Slurp.... my mouth is sour, chill & cold drink for sunny hot day.

  13. Wah.. LRT there also have bubble tea now..

  14. SK

    This one Mamarazzi choose watermelon for me. Can see real water melon lo. She tarak ask for the pearl

  15. SK

    ya everyone opening bubble tea now days.

  16. SP

    Coz there was claim saying the tea are full of chemicals

  17. Nava

    Looks like have to buy watermelon and make juice at home


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