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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Best Kopi O in Town

The other day Papa wanted to drink Kopi O. He wants me to make. So I make lo....with some help from Mamarazzi.

First get a packet of Kopi. Shake shake a bit so that the bag in the packet goes down.

 Like that when I cut the packet, the bag inside won't get cut.

 Take out the bag and put into Papa's mug.

 Boil hot water with Mamarazzi's help

 Pour the hot water in to the mug ....also with Mamarazzi's help ah hot ah....lucky pour half a mug. Can still hold the top part.

Papa drank and said I made the BEST KOPI O in town. He asked me how much? I told him One Ringgit.

The next day he asked me to make again. And he asked me how much? This round I replied TEN. Mamarazzi was thinking "wah....this boy so business minded ah? Got demand, can increase price so high".

But the Papa said "Ten Sen?" and I replied "Ah". 

Note to Mamarazzi : Must teach me the difference between TEN SEN and TEN RINGGIT.


  1. LOL!!! Clever boy! Next time, can become kopitiam towkay...sure can become very rich one!

  2. clever lil boy... dah pandai buat coffee sendiri.. i want also!!

  3. Papa must have been so happy with what you made man is good

  4. The Best Kopi O in town but i have no way to taste it... Anyway, my best Kopi O in town is Starbie :p

  5. clever..u know how to mix coffee

  6. get him to do this more often. n fill up 3/4 of cup. those mugs with rubber..he can hold. i didnt teach p yet.

  7. Wah, very good businessman!!! (err...except for the 10 cents part. he he)

  8. So cute! I also want! Kopi O satu, please :).

  9. wah, so cleber boy know how to make coffee already!!

  10. the future star (not starbucks) barrister?? wow, mamarazzi is becoming a star mother soon~~

  11. hahaha, 10 ringgit is common, 10 sen sure will become a very popular coffee seller!! errr, can earn money or not like that??

  12. if just ask for 10 sen, i think i am willing enough to pay 1 ringgit for that lah..

  13. Definitely the best kopi from parent's point of view. U've a great kid!

    Happy Mother's Day to u & be sure to head over for a mouth-watering dish + some laughter @ Surprise Mom with A Stalk of Abalone Flower On Mother’s Day!

  14. haha so cute....

    Happy Mother's Day to you :-)

  15. He is such a good boy, made kopi for Papa. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  16. Isn't it wonderful that your little one is making coffee by himself.

    Btw, I am not sure whether I am the only one but your blog is having issues in accessing. I had to get in via cache page.

  17. Haha...small kucing has potential to run kopitiam business in future.

  18. Kopi O Satu! .. hehe, really must teach him, no such thing as Sen sen nowadays, its all ringgit. $$ wahaha

  19. Rugi liow if ten sen! hahaha.. all the aunties will go queue up then!

  20. RM10 not a prob lah... pull all the chairs and table outside,go alfresco loh, lol!

  21. TZ

    maybe next time starbie taukeh :p

  22. wenn

    no need mix. prepacked :p

  23. SK

    10 sen rugi till tempek on the road LOL

  24. Nava

    thanks. I think its the blogger problem again

  25. Shenny mom

    Hi ya...long time no see :)

  26. Isaac

    ya lo haiz...10 sen rugi lo


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