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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bath Time a Fun Time with Carrie Junior

Some time ago, Mamarazzi was invited to attend a sharing session organised by Carrie Junior. Unfortunately, Mamarazzi was not able to attend.

However, the company was so kind as to send some products to Mamarazzi for me to try out.

After my afternoon nap, Mamarazzi said there is a "pressie" for me.

Here is the video went she "presented" me with the goodie bag. Can you see why Mamarazzi "pengsan sekejap"(fainted for awhile)?

Well, here are the products Carrie Junior sent me. Wah...such colourful packaging.

Carrie Junior Baby Bath which  comes in two variants - Cheeky Cherry and Groovy Grapeberry. I've got the Cheeky Cherry.

Carrie Junior Baby shampoo. Also the same variant and this round I've got the Groovy Grapeberry

For those like Mamarazzi who is lazy wants convenience, here are the "2-in-1" hair and body wash.

More choice to be had for this, as they comes in Cheeky Cherry, Groovy Grapeberry and Double Milk for the 100ml, 300ml and 750 ml pack while the Apple Joy, Orange Slash and Fruity Delight comes in 200ml pack.

Aha...then comes the after bath care. Baby Lotion. Also two variants - Cheeky Cherry and Groovy Grapeberry.

Mmm...this Baby Powder certainly suit me. Nice to use to go to school or go gai-gai. Makes all the smelly sweat go away.

Last come Baby oil. Hmmm...usually for use to sooths and moisturise my skin.

 But I guess I can use it to moisturise my tail too. My tail always got tangled.

Of course, I tried out the products lah. Mmmm....just a few drops of the bath, already have a lot of bubble.

I like. Love the fragrance too.
The design of the bottle also very cute. It's elephant leg. Got cute hooves at the bottom. Much easier for me to grip especially with the curvy design.

Next...must shampoo my hair. *Rub Rub Rub*. Got action like the TV advertisement or not?

But jokes aside lah,...the shampoo also very "economical". Just a few drops  and rub a bit, a lot of bubble comes out.

Papa said shampoo hair daily, makes hair grow faster wor. Hmm...if I "shampoo" myself, would I grow faster too?

After a long and lovely bubble bath, must moisturise my skin too.

No doubt the Baby bath contains Fruito-E, a special combination of fruit extracts rich with vitamins and nutrients aimed to nourish, moisturise and protect my skin, but no harm putting on some lotion, right? The lotion also have Fruito-E.

 It says here "Groovy Grapeberry".

 Le me try first.

*rub rub*...rub rub tum tum . Rub rub everywhere.

Mmm...I like the fragrance but Mamarazzi said it feels a bit too strong for her. She was worried that the fragrance might irritate my skin. But I used the products for a few days already. No problem so far. 

In fact, each day when I come home from school, I look forward to my Bath Time as it is FUN TIME. People bring rubber duckie into the bath tub but I bring my cars. Yay! Car Wash Time!

Disclaimer : I received the product from Carrie Junior  for a honest review. All opinion stated herein are my own.


  1. Looks like a good product for kids..As you can see he really likes it..Cute pix, he is just too handsome :-)

  2. Ahaha.. I'm sure know why mamarazzi pengsan. hehehe..

    Small Kucing dah boleh audition for baby advertisement. hehe

  3. Hah!!! I used Carrie for my daughter when she was your age... ;)

  4. so nice, can have fun time while bathing..

  5. when it was our time, where got all these things for bath??

  6. last time i think only take water from pail and pour onto body lah, where got bath?? so wasting water~~ :p

  7. and use cheap sabun and the most johnson-and-johnson shampoo only right?? hahaha~~

  8. Very generous of them, Kathy!

  9. Smallkucing has potential to be in ads..hehe. This brand has been around for so long.

  10. Funny la this post.
    J can be in an ad for Carrie la...he looks so convincing and happy washing his hair with the shampoo.

  11. Wow! Free goodies from Carrie. Small Kuching is lucky.

  12. wow..wonder when u can finish them..

  13. He thought got food in the bag? Hahaha!

    Anyway, nice goodie bag there. Chloe is currently using the Groovy Grapeberry body shampoo cos her mummy loves the yummy fruity fragrance :)

  14. The fragrance smells good...but big E cant take it. Too strong that irritate her skin.

  15. I can imagine how happy your little is going to get trying all the products. He sure looks perfect for an advertisement on tv.

  16. Ahhhh, he looks so cute and happy ^^

  17. So many products can use very long oh haha :D

  18. Free goodies from Carrie! Nice!

  19. How to be their member? *in kiasu mood* :P lol

  20. SK

    Now J & J not cheap leh, You go the store and seee.

  21. Mummy Gwen

    ya now they repackging everything

  22. Wenn

    can...but maybe not the oil la

  23. Chloe

    you heard wrong ...he said "phone" , pengsan kao kao

  24. Prince and princess mom

    not bad

  25. Nava

    so many times trial and erro baru get the perfect pics

  26. Xjion

    play with water sure happy

  27. Choi Yen

    No member The PR co wrote to me


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