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Thursday, 24 May 2012

..and She Wek Wek here and Wek Wek there,,,,,

After fun time at the pool, everyone tummy were rumbling.

And yet, I wanted to spend some time at the Play Ground.

 Not only me leh. Some adults also took the chance to got back to their "younger self".

 Looks like the Swing is the favourite

 Guess they can't help themselves.

 Monkey boy?

 Why this Dinosaur not moving geh?

I penyet your head baru tau.

Then off we went food hunting. Planning to go to this place with western food that comes highly recommended. Saw in the Internet quite good recommendation.

 We sat at the balcony to watch the beautiful sunset. Opps.....guess wrong direction lah.

Nevertheless, it was a romantic place. Great place for courting couples.

Papa ordered Orange Juice for me. Must have more Vitamin C so that won't fall sick.

Taste normal la.

But Papa's Diet Coke tasted weird. Flat and just doesn't taste like Diet Coke. Asked the Waiter what brand they use and the Waiter replied the "Red Can" type. *pengsan*

Usually in western restaurant when we ordered Diet Coke, the Waiter would bring the can of Diet Coke with a mug of ice. But here, they did not do that.

 Mamarazzi's alcohol drink. She "action" say not enough "umph" but later on "wek wek" here and there.

 Some bread to go with the soup.

The mushroom soup. Thick but still not up to Mamarazzi's expectation.

 Papa's Fajita. He said was okay. Said the beef was very soft.

 Mamarazzi's steak. 

She said although the meat was soft, but it taste kinda weird to her. Too smooth. It's meant to be medium rare and when she cut the meat it was indeed medium rare. However, the "red" part sort of weird coz usually the should be some traces of blood oozing out. But this one don't have. 

Ya, Mamarazzi is a carnivore.

Papa said maybe it's frozen meat and it was thaw not long enough.
 My noodles.

 I did not particularly like the noodle too.

Anyway, these are just our personal opinion on the food lah. We are not expert here. Each person have their own taste.

After the dinner, once out of the place Mamarazzi started to feel not well. Either the alcohol or what la. Usually even if Mamarazzi drank alcohol, she won't feel as bad as this. End up, Papa stopped the car at at a petrol station and Mamarazzi went "wek wek" out everything.

Feeling much better after that, Mamarazzi wanted have some fresh air pulak. Off we went driving around the town.

Can you guess where we went next. Bet you will laugh.


  1. The young man is growing up so fast..I can compare him with the other pictures i saw.. Meanwhile the noodles looks really delicious, guess the look was totally different from the taste...

  2. haha I laughed so hard with the title.. I even sang and the song just got stuck in my head!

    You are like my husband... he loves meat prepared rare!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. hahaha gangster nya i penyet your head baru tau!!!

  4. Here, no need to go western lah...expensive some more. Melaka, must eat in Sibu, it is kampua...kampua!

    Why cover the faces? Can tell who lah from the clothes...seen already in other photos or was that on Facebook?

  5. oh gosh... after all the food, have to output through the mouth? wrong outlet.. hahaaha..hope you had a great time after the "wekking!"

  6. must be the food..take care

  7. you know, I was just talking with Janice, the wife the other day, and mentioned your blog on whether after we have the kid, we should start a blog specifically for him/her.

    I like the way you write showcasing Small Kucing :):)

  8. wah, so much fun huh?? playing in the "sea" and on the "land" before makan..

  9. aiyoh, looking at those adults playing the slides, seesaw and swing.. i so worry they'll break the things and fall down!!

  10. hahaha, so this restaurant everything also tasted weird?? hmmm, maybe they use fake things from China~~ :p

  11. mamarazzi, the steak may be fake too, maybe some flour and chemicals!! OMG~~

  12. me sat at the swings when i was too, hehe...

  13. For them Diet Coke or Red Can Coke also a Coke wahaha. Hmm I think your steak is the culprit of the uee uee wek wek.

  14. I will play with the swing too if there is no other kids around :P

  15. Mamarazzi went wek wek after having good food, very sayang la! But after puking, mamarazzi sure felt better.

  16. Your little one is having so much of fun and its good for kids to have outdoor activities from time to time.

    Seems like the food was average in taste but thats ok, you never try you never know and suppose it again depend on different individuals.

  17. I thought you all went for seafood. After wek wek sure feel better.

  18. I don't mean to be mean but your title of the post bah, so funny! Reminds me of my favourite kindergarten rhyme songs "Oh McDonald Had A Farm"..

    Guess you will not going back to this restaurant for second time.

  19. Aiyoo pity mamarazzi, wek wek after eating the dinner. But lucky only wek wek one time? And after that, mamarazzi still can take more food. Salute!

  20. I was thinking what's "wek wek" when I read the post above. Rupa2nya, the alcohol (or was it the bacteria in the steak?) was the culprit hehe.

  21. STP

    not really expensive wor th western ....That one in PD la not melaka..

  22. Isaac

    You should. It would be fun when you look back what happen when he/she is 1 year old and the when he/she is older :)

  23. SK

    The things break never mind lo...can sue the resort trend is people sikit sikit wanna sue

    Wei...dont make me scare fake beef meh?

  24. Vicky

    duno the reason lo. Maybe the alcohol also. Ya loh those not so well know one is also in red can

  25. Nava

    ya...i may not like it but others who have been there like the place a lot ;)

  26. Mummy Gwen

    Thought try something different lo

  27. Diana

    LOL....not rude...ya it does sound like that :p

  28. Chee Yee

    tangki empty liao lor...have to input more

  29. Chloe

    entah wat la...LOL...lucky only one time


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