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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Thomson's Corner, Sibu (Revisited)

Auntie Claire and family haven't got the chance to visit Thomson Corner yet. Hence, we stopped by Thomson Corner after having lunch at Secret Garden.

We had something light. Actually, we were more thirsty than hungry. 

 Tried out their Fruit Rojak. Mamarazzi tasted it and said the kuah(sauce) too thin. Not enough "Hay Koh"

But both Papa and Mamarazzi agreed this  Yoyo Ice tasted very good. Refreshing coz they added lime juice in it.

It was so good that I wanted one for myself

 Papa was not hungry but the mouth was 'itchy'. Hence, ordered a bowl of Pian sip. Not bad.

 Mamarazzi's Iced Cincau with coconut milk. Yummm...

 Alamak.....errr....what's this? Who ordered this ah? Forgotten already. That is the trouble la...took so long to write post. Hence, many things no longer fresh in the mind.

 Auntie's Claire bowl of ABC.

 Papa's glass of Soya Bean with Corn or was it Barley with Corn...hmmmm......

Meantime, I tried to practiced my "tackle girl" skill again but failed....sigh.....


  1. Alamak... auntie Little Bird feel like wanna drink that cincau with coconut milk. Usually just see the ones with soya milk onli. Auntie dun like.

  2. Aiyor...smallkucing! You like older women kah? LOL!!!

    Ya...the pian sip there is my favourite in town. And the Sarawak laksa. Other things ok, not bad...not the best. I definitely would not order the rojak...or the sotong kangkong (Quaypo had that!)...

  3. I also forgotten who ordered that.. my son ah? :)

  4. hahaha!!! eating and eating again..

  5. so i think this sibu trip is all about eating..

  6. perhaps eating up to a week's quota for this short trip.. :D

  7. Your posts always make me smile. I think I would like that iced coconut milk. xo leaving a comment from my other blog today :-)

  8. Those icy dessert looks good to me.

  9. Sweet tooth!! :D No worry, sure next time can tackle girl oo!

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  10. Very nice hairstyle at your back. You must be a creative person.

  11. Looks like it was a makan makan makan trip all the way. The foods look really yummy btw. Have never tasted kompia all my life.

  12. Yoyo Ice, what a cooling for me.

  13. Cleff

    Nice nice...can try making this at home

  14. Sharon

    Time to visit Ipoh then :)

  15. SK

    Go sibu one day 6 meal say pengsan or not

  16. Meitzue

    kekeke so when are you droping by?

  17. A Mom's Diary

    Owww....then must try it one of these days.

  18. Yee Ling

    hahaha...nice one leh...go and try


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