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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Thank You For The Seven+ Exfuze

A big Thank You to Kor Kor Jon's Mommy for blessing us with this special package. Received this on Friday afternoon.'s Seven Plus Exfuze. Heard it's good for boosting up the immune system and helped fighting all sorts of ailments.

Kor Kor Jon's family is taking it and found it good hence sent us a bottle. Hopefully it can help Papa and me heal faster.

Mamarazzi googled and saw many testified that they got better from their ailment or at least Seven Plus Exfuze helped to reduce their ailments like diabetes, hypertension, H1N1 and etc. They felt healthier and more energized. taste like "Ribena". 

After recover, I can go gai-gai lor... Muhahahaha.

Disclaimer  : This is not a paid review nor an endorsement of the product. This is a post to thank Kor Kor Jon's family for their generous Blessing and kindness. 


  1. Hope the booster/the exfuze will do much help for your little one.

  2. wah, looks like some kind of elixir that can cure all illness!!

  3. what does it contain inside actually?? so miraculous!!

  4. anyway, i guess now all already can go gai-gai mah right?? :D

  5. oh, something new.. nver heard of it before..

  6. I wonder what that is. Hmmmm...maybe I should give it a try...and see if it makes me more energetic or not.

  7. a ribena-like drink that can fight all diseases? thats so miraculous :D

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  8. SK

    dont know. so far so good. The blisters dried up fast

  9. Claire

    heard Hannah Tan also using


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