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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Supper at Taman Muhibbah Hawker Center (Food Court), Sibu

After sending Mommy Ling to airport, we head on to meet up with Uncle Arthur and family at Taman Muhibbah Food Court.

First thing that we noticed apart from the food was the place was well maintain. Although it was drizzling a bit while we were there, we did not get wet at all. Ample shaded area.

Wah...we were greeted with this upon arrival. Fried Brinjal with meat floss. Papa liked it.

For me, I don't know why but I can't help popping these Siew Mai to my mouth. 

I had three of these! and I can tell you the size was pretty big. Not like those here in KL.

We also had these..or rather Papa had these. Both Mamarazzi and me can't eat anymore.

 Aunite Claire and Jie Jie had this ABC(Air Batu Campur-Mixed Ice)

 I had this. It was supposed to be mixed fruit but not much fruit in it.

While eating this, I was trying to scheme my way to sit next to the pretty Jie Jie.

Meantime, Mamarazzi fell in love with this 3 Layer Tea. She liked it so much that she had two glasses of this.

The result was sleepless night. End up finishing reading Thrity Umrigar's "If Today Be Sweet" that very night.

(photo taken from Auntie Claire's Blog)

Of course lah sweet coz I managed to 'worm' my way in and sat next to the pretty Jie Jie.

 It was so sweet till Mamarazzi secretly fed me this Herbal Tea with Peppermint, I also didn't noticed the weird taste. Mamarazzi said it tasted like drinking tooth paste. Papa, like me, didn't mind the taste. Well, at least it's good for me minus the bitter taste that is usually found in herbal tea.

Well, stay tune for our next day adventure!


  1. Ya...the sio bee/siew mee were great!!! First time I tasted it and I loved it too! Exactly what Sibu Foochow-style sio bee should be like.

  2. Smallkucing kecil-kecil already pandai gatal - can't keep his paws away from a sweet and pretty girl. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  3. oooh, brinjals with meat floss!!

  4. i think that's nice.. yummy!!

  5. and of course nothing beats the stuffed kompiah right??

  6. looks like it's everywhere in sibu, haha..

  7. Too bad I couldnt eat anymore that night! I took only a bit of the brinjals and the ice kacang.. the kompia failed to go into my stomach.. sigh..

  8. I never been Sibu, but I tried the siew mai before. My Sibu friend brought it back all the long way from Sibu to me. haha

  9. lol! Small Kuching drooled over Sweet Young Thing.

  10. favorite night time hangout place...

  11. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I have seen you a lot around blogs, commenting, have been seeing you for years! I have been reading about your wonderful time you showed Claire!

  12. Yup, you can always count on Sibu if you are looking for nice, big portion and yet affordable food there! :p

  13. what a special recipe - brinjal with meat floss. That jie jie really pretty. Inherited from Clair. haha

  14. Every meal will have the Kompia lol Not yet bored of it?

  15. Wah, so many nice food! Must go to Sibu one day!!

  16. fried brinjal with meatfloss.....must be yummy.

  17. I will like to eat Fried Brinjal with meat floss.. Y'all are always having good time..
    Wishing you happy Easter in advance!

  18. i want the fried brinjal! haha.

  19. fried brinjal with meat floss? Sound good, ok, it's in my list.

    I like Sibu siew mai compare to KL one, taste different and more yummy.

    Three layer tea yummy hor, i like it too.

  20. Jie Jie is very pretty - I can see why he is trying to get close to her!!

  21. Wow! So nice and yummy!

    It's been a while since I stopped by. Hope everything is well you guys..

    Btw, when time permits please stop by our blog and if interested enter our giveaway. It's open internationally.

  22. STP

    ooo very big piece wor.Not like here kecil kecil one.

    Muhahaha...anak bapak mah

  23. SK

    Y jek...wanna go Sibu or not...havent been to all of sibu leh...only the town area

  24. Claire

    should have tapau some back to Hotel and eat lo.....can watch your idol in action also

  25. Vicky

    wah your friend so nice. Bring all the way for you. Nice right?

  26. Sheoh Yan

    heheheheh...ipoh leng lui

  27. M-Knight

    aiks didnt know that. ELse ajak you out also

  28. Ginny

    Claire is awonderful lady :) . She showed us a lot of wonderful time too :)

  29. Rose

    ya portion was big ..not stingy at all

  30. Yee Ling

    kakaka you can always go second round. Remember to try out the layer tea!

  31. mNhL

    Agree with what you said about Jie Jie hehehe

  32. Faisal

    then faster book a plane ticket and find STP

  33. Nishana

    Missed you. Wokay will be popping over soon


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