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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Secret Garden Grill, Sibu

Welcome to the Secret Garden! Oppss....not ah...what garden is this? Xu Clan World Convention Garden...what a long name. it is..Secret Garden Grill.

Come! Let's check out the food here. Am famished!

First...our drinks...errr...which os which ah? Got Lemon Juice, got Lime with Cucumber, got Orange Juice and.....oppsss...forgotten.

Mine was Lime with Cucumber. One of the largest glass. a spot on my forehead!

Papa's Double Cheese Beef Burger. RM14.90.

Kor Kor Andy's Double Cheese Chicken Burger RM14.90

Recommended in the Menu - Fried Mee Mamak RM8.90

Auntie Claire's Grilled something something fish.

Jie Jie's spaghetti. Everyone had a taste and think maybe the Chef forgotten to add a bit of salt. 

Mamarazzi's Spicy Grilled Chicken Burger RM12.90. Wahh...the sauce very spicy.

This is mine!

Mmmm....taste great!

Terror or not? 5 adults and 1 kid ate so much. 

Overall, the food here were okay lah.

Here is the address  should you like to try out : Secret Garden Grill Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. (914020-D)
No. 50-52, Lorong Langsat 5, Jalan Pedada,
96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.


  1. Hungry when i see those food especially midnight. Sigh~

    I missed all those food post that i posted on 12:00am. Maybe i should start to post them again.

  2. Yup! Not bad...big portions...and no ++! And iced cold water, giant mug is FOC! That's what I nice music, can sit as long as you like to relax and rest your legs.

  3. My Goodness---Those are the BIGGEST burgers I have ever seen... Hopefully one person didn't eat the whole thing... Those meals look great--but I'd be taking a box home with me --for another meal...

    Glad you enjoyed the Secret Garden Grill.

  4. I love your pictures and food ratings.

    Thankfully, they are calorie-free!!

  5. hahaha, not a lot lah for 5 adults and 1 kid..

  6. can share share makan mah, the more the merrier right?? :p

  7. those burgers really look good leh, especially the double one, haha~~

  8. Sibu does have nice western food too.

  9. I love the foods you post. My favorite food is Cheese burgers, Can never get bored of them.
    My ambulance crew laughs at me because we can go to a chicken place and I order a cheese burger. LOL

  10. Double patty for less than RM15, that's really a steal!

  11. Hehehe, the foods was yummy!! My stomach starts their weird sound!

  12. Hehehe, the foods was yummy!! My stomach starts their weird sound!

  13. Wow...double cheese burger... I don't think i can finish that. haha... too big a portion for me.

  14. expensive mou? the burger looks good.

  15. A lot to eat in here. The all look really delicious. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Celebration..

  16. I think I passed by this place when I was in Sibu :)

  17. I don't eat beef but among all the goodies, this seems so good with the cheese on top. The chicken burger looks also tempting and accompanied with all the different types of juices, what a perfect meal you did with the rest.

  18. OKay la..the food there.. yes, the one my girl took had no taste.. forgot to put salt... :)

  19. STP

    Got music meh? Didnt recall got hehehe

  20. SK

    you should have come along la

  21. Sheoh Yan

    Ohh Sibu is very up todate already.

  22. Nava

    They have chicken burger too. You should try the spicy chicken burger that mamarazi had

  23. Claire

    ya lor maybe...coz we go that time they were baru getting ready. Maybe kelam kabut


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