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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pork Belly And Kompiah

Remember the Pork Belly and the Oink Oink Head that Mamarazzi bought from Sibu Pasar Malam? So much! comes with Asamboi Powder. Hmmm....

Well, a few days later she  took a bit out from the fridge .  nice looking

We bought a lot of Kompiah from Sibu

Took some of it and sliced it.

Stuffed some Pork Belly into it. Papa ate some and said not that nice. Too dry or something like that.

The next morning, Mamarazzi tried again. This round added a bit of Masak Hitam paste to fry the Pork Belly .

This round, it tasted much better.

The balance of the Oink Oink, throw into pot and cook stew. the gravy with rice.

For me? I preferred the Sweet Kompiah. Celup-celup into the Kopi-o.

Nice nice.


  1. wah little kuching really knows how to enjoy good makan! hehe

  2. Still got kah? Already finished eh? Yee Ling's coming... Planning to replenish your stock? Of course, she has to buy all her own things and with two kids in tow, she may not be able to borong much this time around.

  3. wow..Kompiah can last so lama meh? U freeze them ah?

  4. aiyoh, should have cooked it with some sauce only nice with kompia mah..

  5. i think they provided the asam powder as dip?? did you try that??

  6. i saw the first kompia, a bit dry lah.. so it's better to cook it with sauce and make it a little "saucy" to go with the kompia.. haha!!

  7. wah, mamarazzi can cook so many things woh!! stew pork somemore, but i more like the eggs!! haha~~

  8. STP

    long time habis liao. Just sorted the photos so post up today.

  9. Mery

    nope. Finished long time ago. just sorted the photos. do post up today

  10. SK

    Trial and error lo. Second round much better. Could be eat with the asamboi powder. that powder doesn't taste like those kl ones. it taste like those sour mini pellet that is in yellow paper which we used to eat when we were kids

  11. trekking your YUMMY blog!!!


  12. I also prefer the sweet kompia.. but i think there is another name for it.. but cannot remember liow.. :)

  13. I am drooling over the dish you made from the pork belly, what more with boiled eggs inside. Wonderful with a bowl of rice.

  14. Auntie prefers the salty kompia, taste like bagel...cicah cicah sedap.

  15. wahhhh...the pork belly stuff in the kompia is delicious!

  16. Auntie cleff

    sumbat masak hitam lagi sedap


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