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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Payung Cafe, Sibu

For our lunch, we decided to try out Payung Cafe which was recommended by Uncle Arthur.

Wah...Uncle Arthur's name very famous here leh. Mentioned aje his name, one of the Bosses gave us this complimentary Pomelo Salad.

Mmm...Mamarazzi loves it a lot. She is not saying this just because it's free. The Salad was real nice. Suit her taste.

Mamarazzi had the Anjung Smoothie(Red). She didn't like it much. If not mistaken, Papa had the Cucumber Juice(Green).

Kor Kor Andy had the Durian Smoothie. Should be very nice coz saw he syok syok drank it.

Auntie Claire ordered this Durian Ice Cream

But I "taxed" most of the Ice Cream for myself

It was REAL good. There was real durian pulp in it instead of syrup.

If not mistaken, this is Chocolate Mint Ice Cream. Papa like but I preferred Auntie Claire's Durian Ice cream

This Banana Jelly Ice Cream was highly recommended by Uncle Arthur and it certainly was very good. Nice blend of Jelly and Ice Cream when it melted.

Ooooh...this Mushroom Roll is to die for. Super yummy. The skin was crusty with some cheese on top and the inside was very delicious. Not sure what was inside.

Mamarazzi is not a fan of Otak-Otak but this one is something different. Can taste that there is a lot of fish meat in the Otak-Otak. 

This one is another highly recommended dish by Uncle Arthur. Belimbing Prawn with Rice. You can opt to have this with Spaghetti but Mamarazzi preferred rice. 

All I can say is that Mamarazzi liked this dish very much and she wonders if Uncle Arthur able to bodek the Boss for the recipe or not. It's so delicious and very appetising.

Papa had Payung Fish Rice. Not sure about the fish as Papa said there were a lot of bones. Hence Mamarazzi did not eat it. She only took the gravy and taste great with her rice too.

Mamarazzi feels that the food here are sort of like an "updated" version of the traditional dishes. However, it was done in away that it had enhanced the feel of the  dish. It would certainly attract more people to try out the food here.

Here is the address if you wish to have a try  : Payung Cafe, No 20F, Lanang Road, Sibu . Tel  016 8906061, 016 8937614 (at the back of Kingwood Hotel Multi Level Carpark)


  1. Oh no, come at the wrong timing. All my favorite food. >.<

  2. Hi SK, I may eat to live, but the food dishes here sure will change it to other way, ha ha.

  3. Best place to dine, best food...can rival any place else! The fish was ikan keli (of course lah, got bones - must eat slowly)...would be great with a bit of brandy but also nice as it is.

  4. I like the Belimbing Prawns.. just now baru swallow something ... sigh..

  5. oh, i read about this restaurant from Arthur's blog also..

  6. aiyah, how come only food?? i thot they restaurant is nice also with all the unique decor..

  7. yeah, i gotta agree that the pomelo salad is really nice!! and very appetising too..

  8. yieerrr, so many durians!! yucks!! :D

  9. All those icy desserts look quite good.

  10. So much of nice food. I would love to try the durian ice cream.

  11. i think arthur's name memang super famous in Sibu, macam celebrity! :)

  12. Payung rice sounds very interesting, and I am wondering what kind of fish it is or why they named it payung:p

  13. the Belimbing Prawn look really nice, maybe i should try to cook this..

  14. Mushroom roll should have mushroom filling, no?

  15. Yippeee....I am going there for another round!

  16. Nice desserts!! I haven't tried pomelo salad before. Bet it taste good!

  17. Walau-eh! Arthur memang pandai cati makan lar! The food look great, dying 4 all the durian desserts!

  18. Walau-eh! Arthur memang pandai cati makan lar! The food look great, dying 4 all the durian desserts!

  19. first time seeing pomelo salad :) perhaps nextime i can try it at home

    Latest: You're Hot and Cold!

  20. What a special name, Payung Cafe!!
    the Pomelo Salad look so special man!!!

    T.T I want it.

    I love salad.

  21. Gosh! The ice cream so hugee!!! I would love to taste some of that. haha :D

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  22. hahaa what a special name! i want the otak otak! =DDD

  23. The type of food you post in this blog is breath taking.. This is what many need in this type of weather...

  24. Hi Bro, I was browing & some how landed on your page and the little boy triggered me...then I saw your pic. Great...

    Hope to see you back in Sibu. Cheers & have a nice day

    Bala Devan
    Car & Room Rental Services in Sibu

  25. STP

    La..ikan keli no wonder la....

  26. SK

    coz Mamarazzi tarak artistic eyes ma...she saw food everything she forgets lo

  27. mNhL

    Bet you take one bite of that you want some more

  28. Nikel

    Not durian but durian ice cream

  29. Christy

    That you will have to ask Arthur :)

  30. Choi Yen

    Yes but duno what else is inside

  31. Kitty

    you should try it when u have the chance

  32. Alice

    Like people say "it's his earth over there"

  33. Fish

    hahaha...but rather difficult to get pomelo in KL

  34. Karen

    Me also wanna eat that again

  35. Meitzue

    One taste you'll be hooked for life

  36. Henry

    and the dishes are special too

  37. May

    I think if you come here you wont wanna leave


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