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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paylessbook RM 1.00 Stock Clearance from 11 April - 16 April 2012

It had been ages since the last round Mamarazzi chased after Paylessbook (PLB) Sale.

Main reason was that she had too many books under the "pending to read" pile.

But yesterday was a bit different coz she heard from Jie Jie nylusmilk that PLB having Clearance Sale. All hardcover books were going for RM2 each while Paperbacks were going for RM1 each.

Well, no harm paying a visit there since it had been so long. Maybe they have "new titles".


It was a cloudy day. Not many people were there. One of the staff still recognised Mamarazzi and surprised to see me so "big" liao. I was just a toddler the last round we've been there.

Reasonable numbers of books there but mostly jumbled up although sorted into bookshelves. Guess, that's the trouble of going there when it's near the ending of the sale.

After like 15-20 minutes in there, I beh tahan liao. Too warm for me . finished or not. I am thirsty. Kinda hot in here leh. It's a factory lot without Air-cond. Only big big fans.

Mamarazzi real disgusted at the attitude of some people regarding books. 

Saw a man digging away in the bin under Children Section as if he was looking for used aluminium cans in the rubbish bin and then throwing the unwanted ones back to the bin roughly as if he was throwing away rubbish.

Speaking of aluminium cans....look what Mamarazzi found under a stack of books. Empty and discarded aluminium can! Don't know which litter bug who throw rubbish like that.

I know lah, some of the books were rather worn out but at least have some respect for books. Those that you cast away maybe something that others may buy.

Despite everything, Mamarazzi managed to get hold of some pretty good books that are in good conditions.

Total "damage" to the pocket was RM18, for 8 Hardcover books and 2 paperbacks.

Here is the address if you wanna have a look. Just two more days to go. Hurry up if you don't wanna miss it.

Venue: 45, Jalan BP 6/7, Bandar Bukit Puchong, Selangor
Date  : 11 - 16 April 2012 (Wed - Mon)
Time  : 10:00am - 6:00pm

For further information, please log in to


  1. wow, so many books..must borrow from u someday..

  2. bring me along next time! Would love to get my reading habit back again. It's so cheap.

    I'm disgusted too that some folks actually threw the can there.. grr

  3. That one not your 100Plus kah? You always drink that, what? LOL!!! More books kah? the trees! LOL!!!

  4. hahaha, yalor, no wonder have not read anything about books from mamarazzi lately..

  5. rupa-rupanya mamarazzi has been eating a lot more than reading.. :D

  6. wow, RM2 for hardcover and RM1 for paperback!! must go lah, and see you've got such great deal there..

  7. wah, small kucing become so popular already, got pretty jie jie still remembering him!!

  8. yalor, those people so bad lah!! how can throw the aluminum can there??

  9. aiyoh, how many comments i left?? cannot see.. mamarazzi don't use comment moderation lah.. blogger already got built in spam detection mah..

  10. don't think i have time to visit this place since tomorrow is the last day..

  11. Another book galore for you and looks like worth what they are offering. Sad to see how Malaysian are with their attitude.

  12. RM18 for so many books, so worth it! But too far for me lah sighh

  13. Wow! This is heaven for book lovers!!!

  14. Yes, I'm also very disgusted with the attitude of some people who couldn't care less about people's barang just becos that barang is not theirs.

    Wah, at Bdr. Bukit Puchong ah? Near my place leh....hehehhe.....but I don't know whether I sempat keluar from office or not to be in time before the sale closes. ^_^ Very often, the amount of work or things to attend to at office can be quite unpredictable one.

  15. STP

    Not mine ah...Papa banned me from drinking 100 plus :(

  16. SK

    ya la...Mamarazzi got read but no time to post up books many things to do leh....wanna berak also not enough time

  17. Sonia

    nevermind...there is always next round

  18. Nava

    some people have this tidak apa attitude

  19. Hilda

    They have sale everywhere one. Maybe one day will be near your place


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