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Monday, 16 April 2012

Pasar Malam at Sibu (Non-Halal)

WARNING : GRAPHIC CONTENT - The following images and/or content maybe disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Auntie Claire and Mamarazzi had mentioned many times that they wish to pay a visit to Sibu Pasar Malam(Night Market). But too bad they didn't get the chance to go due to various reason.

That evening as we were heading back to the hotel, Papa passed by the Pasar Malam. Stalls were just opening. That was around 6pm.

Papa asked Mamarazzi whether she wanna go and have a walk. Of course la she jump and grabbed the offer. Me too wanna follow. Papa wait in the car.

Wow......even have signboard stating it's the Night Market place.

Hmmm....things sold there seems pretty normal to Mamarazzi. More or less the same like those Night Markets in KL.

Pretty normal ...that is until she saw 3 stalls selling these at the Night Market.

Sorry for the blur photos as it was taken using Mamarazzi's handphone camera. 

For your information, these are Roasted Pig Heads. It is very unusual find Roasted Pig Head being sold in Night Markets. So far she haven't seen any of it being sold in KL Night Markets.

No wonder Uncle Arthur warned Mamarazzi not to be surprised if she sees Pig Heads in the Night Market

One Roasted Pig Head cost around RM16 to RM20. 

They also sell half portion. Mamarazzi bought half. 

Then she saw these delicious Grilled Pork Belly Meat. Can't helped herself. Bought one piece for RM12. That was very cheap in view that piece was quite big.

Gosh! There were some pretty delicious looking Roast Pork.

See! People are just grabbing for these delicious Roast Pork!

Some Pigs trotter.

And some stewed internal organs of pigs. Too bad she can't try it all.

But one thing she certainly would not like to try is these...Fried Chicken Head.

Apart from that she managed to grab two pieces of Batik Cloth which is cheaper than those being sold at the Heritage Centre. These cost around RM15 a piece only. Certainly the price can go lower if she had the time to bargain. was time to go to the airport. We had a nice time in Sibu. 

Thank you very much Uncle Arthur for everything and hope to see everyone(Auntie Claire, Auntie Quay Po Cooks, Uncle Arthur and Mommy Ling) again soon. Where shall we go next?.


  1. whoaaa mamarazzi go to sibu ya.... hehehehehe hows there??? so many oink bbq the lil boy looks like have fun alot there:D

  2. Welcome! Come again soon... So boring, so lonely here without everybody around. Sobsssss!!!!!

  3. wah, this is really a very different pasar malam lah..

  4. first of all, they got such a nice signboard.. i think the only one in Malaysia?? :p

  5. second, they have so many kinds of HEADS on sale?? wow, amazing!!!

  6. those heads definitely looks awful to me.. so scary!! got people eat one meh??

  7. wah, mamarazzi somemore bought half pig head!! errr, nice one ah?? got things to eat meh??

  8. mamarazzi eat the brain, eat the ears, eat the eyes, eat the trout!!! :D

  9. maybe 100 years ago, they have human head from the headhunters~~ @_@"

  10. nice post about Sibu..
    Next destination..probably Medan...? Are you coming....? I will be back to Medan in nov.

  11. omg..roasted pig heads at pasar malam!

  12. Yeah...Arthur has included PM as one of our itinerary.

  13. hopefully the malays didn't see those..

  14. See you bought a lot of batik cloth, can I know what you want to do with the batik cloth? As I don't wear sarong at all, not sure what other usage it can be used for.

  15. Finally!! hahaha... so much of goodies in the night market hor! but i wont borong like you la.. i might end up buying souvenirs instead... :)

  16. The meat looks really delicious, and i don't see any reason for the warning..

    Hope you have a wonderful week..

  17. Tell them, smallkucing - here...Malay stalls side by side with all the other stalls, facing one another also got. Here, not the same lah!!! 1Malaysia, true and true...very harmonious.

  18. The pig head didn't shocked me but the much more smaller size chicken head did =.="

  19. Of course come to Ipoh la. Quay Po is coming to Ipoh in July let's make a date then :)

  20. So, was the pig head good? I don't know that I could bring myself to eat a pig or chicken head lol! Very interesting....

  21. Oink-oink parts sold openly like that... this is surely something that we won't be able to see in the pasar malams over here...

  22. Wah so many pig heads! Haha would love to visit Sibu one day too!

  23. Looks like the people in Sibu enjoy eating heads and I do also but more of the fish head. I am drooling over the lovely spread of the roasted googies, esp the pork being one of my fav.

  24. Mell-o

    It was fun there. Makan 6 times a day

  25. SK

    memang different lo the pasar malam there. Here mana ada signboard one.

    A lot of oink oink head and body parts. AHything you what, you can find there. And most important is that you can see those from other religion also there selling next to the 3 stalls.

    can eat mah...make into stew...make into porridge. Ho sik leh

  26. Ling

    ya too bad tak sempat and it rained

  27. Wenn

    the stalls are next to malay, indians and the natives.

  28. Sheoh Yan

    great as decorations for the walls and tables

  29. Claire

    souveniour not much there

  30. STP

    Too bad this is not like FB ...else i can click "LIKE" your comment. Well said!

  31. Choi Yen

    cant find in KL lor...ya the chicken head got in Indon but dont think have in KL

  32. ELin

    July still long time to go leh

  33. Christina

    Gotta cook again. was good

  34. Nava

    they have a lot of parts also jealous. Price is cheap too


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