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Friday, 6 April 2012

One Cent Breakfast

One Cent Cafe? 

Everything here cost 1 sen ka? Nope? Hmm....wondering how the name of this Cafe came about. comes our first meal of the day. Uncle Arthur always orders the nicest food.

Kampua Noodles for me. Hmmm...noticed that it come together with a piece of cili and sauce. Not sure whether it's soya sauce or vinegar coz I didn't taste it once I saw got cili in it.

Enough more photo la. Readers gonna puke seeing me eat so many times Kampua noodles eventhough I love the noodles.

 The Kopi-O here was not bad.

Red Wine Mi Suah. Mamarazzi liked this one a lot. The taste of wine was quite strong as compared to the other one that we had the other day

Another round of Pian Sip. 

Hahaha...Auntie Claire finally got a taste of the Sarawak Laksa.  As for me, I preferred Kampua.

Here is the address of the Cafe if you are interested to try out the food here : No.2&4 G/F, Jalan Pedada 20A2 (Lot 9), 96000 Sibu, Malaysia. 

While we were there, the service was good and place was clean.

A big Thank You to Auntie Claire for the hearty breakfast!


  1. Yes, thanks, Claire, for the breakfast. I the very susah hati... Guests come all the way and yet, everybody does not want me to play.... So malu lah like that. Sobsss!!!!

  2. The red wine mee sua really looks so tempting.

  3. early morning already saw so much of good food.

  4. hahaha!! yalor, one-cent restaurant!! so funny the name..

  5. maybe 100 years ago everything is 1-sen there lah..

  6. wow, sure Arthur brings you all to eat all the nice food lah..

  7. the kampua noodles and the sarawak laksa looks good leh..

  8. cute name for the shop..

  9. Welcome, welcome.. small treat! :p
    STP does not need to be paiseh-ed... we walloped most of your food in your house..not forgetting the champagne too!

  10. Hi Kathy, Thanks for coming to my blog. Yes--I certainly know Claire... Please come back anytime. I am enjoying yours...

    That meal looks awesome!!!!! YUM.....

    Have a great day.

  11. with all the nice food you are eating, soon you'll be a BIG KUCING!!

  12. AH! I think this is the one cent coffee shop that my mum mention. I'm not been there before, maybe should try their mee suah on my next trip back. :)

    You like the foo chow red wine mee suah?

  13. Don't worry, Small Kucing, reader won't puke but instead can't wait to see more pictures of you eating cos you always make us feel so hungry. Even while reading this, already feel like going for my dinner.

    Keep it up, Small Kucing and recommend more good food to us.

    Btw, what is this Pian Sip. Is it something like wan tan?

  14. Chuppp....must ask Arthur bring me ere. I wana taste the laksa n kampua.

  15. hahaha... wonder wat STP wanted to 'play'...

  16. *pay lah!!! Slip of the finger, not the thought of mind. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  17. What got champagne at Arthur's house??? somemore miss Claire's treat for breakfast, somemore miss one cent restaurant??? AIYOYO! I am stumping the floor now! LOL!

  18. haha cute.. that phrase ' enough la, readers gonna puke'...xD

  19. STP

    What la STP...cant expect you to belanja all become our tour guide we very happly liao

  20. mNhL

    you see and we day 6 meal...cham moe

  21. SK

    100 years ago ah...the shop havent exist yet wor...saw in FB just open one la this shop..

  22. Betsy

    thanks for dropping by :)

  23. Doc

    not big kucing...heavy kucing lol

  24. Annie

    then you MUST go and try the mi suah with wine

  25. Jenny

    Ya some thing like Wantan but the skin is much different. Smoother

  26. Yee Ling

    order the red wine mi suah too. sedap

  27. Good morning Mama Kucing, hope over from Suituapui blog link...


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