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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Oh Chien....Oppsss....Worms Chien

WARNING : GRAPHIC CONTENT - The following images and/or content maybe disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

You still remember my post on "exporting" Sago worms back KL? What happen to them?

At first thought wanna keep a few live ones for Auntie Little Bird but they started dying by the hours once we reached home. Guess they missed Sibu air or what.

Anyway, these are all that were left.

 Hmm....what to do? Mamarazzi "forced" to fry them soonest possible to prevent total loss.

These are plain fry. Not deep fried. Thus, Papa said he still can taste the sweetness from the gooey worms.

Then Papa asked Mamarazzi to try to make "oh Chien" with the Sago Worm.

Result : Failure coz oil came out from the Sago worms thus the eggs refused to stick to the Sago Worms.
 Me try eating? Contestant for FEAR FACTOR?

 Which one is the smallest ah?

 MMmm.....*heart beating fast*


 Eeeee..........Chewy...Can't bite off..

 Sumbat(Stuffed) whole Sago Worm in the mouth la.

* Wek!!* cannot cannot cannot...Can't stomach this. I'll give this a pass...Papa and Mamarazzi can have it all.


  1. haha..I don't think I can take that..

  2. omg,, small kucing's expression. priceless! :P

  3. They tarak wriggle wriggle to auntie... all kena ur Mamarazzi fry liao... but still sedap ah... Auntie like! Kekekekeke! Thank you very much. =D

  4. It is funny how we have different tastes...from childhood too

  5. I'd give it a pass too... Let them it all the worms,. No, thanks. LOL!!!

  6. This is really one food i can't even eat at gun

  7. Ok now i understand the reason :-))

  8. Aikkksss!! hahahaa... how did I get that into my mouth last month!!! now coming to think of it...

  9. Small Kuching is seriously very brave, but then at the end he also gave up eating it. Thank Goodness. i don't think I dare to take either. So gross.

  10. wah, mamarazzi recently all your posts also 18SG one?? hahaha~~

  11. wah, look at those silk worms!! really so fat and so HUGE~~

  12. you really dare to eat ah?? yucks!! so disgusting leh..

  13. i can imagine when you bite on the chewy body, then inside got those slimy gooey liquid spurt out like that.. so eerie~~

  14. maybe you should have deep fried the worms first then only fry them with eggs, should be nicer hor??

  15. I always wonder how it taste like :)

  16. Sorry, I make this dish a pass! Lol!

  17. lol your boy doesnt like this too? it looks kinda cruel to me :/

    Latest: World Best Sandwich 2012

  18. joshua can take that!!!! my god! I don't think i can. haha

  19. Your boy is so brave..I don't think I dare to touch it..

  20. How u bring back this from Sibu to KL? Check in Luggage? =.="

  21. No for me for sure. The worms looks so scary and I will not dare not.

  22. Lol LOL Lol lah SK....auntie punyalah cam nak tabik spring dah kat SK sebab very strong heart betul lah nak makan that ulat...memang betul2 fear factor ni...auntie pun tak berani ooo..pernah tengok ulat ni masa auntie sekolah kat Kuching dulu...takpelah SK, boleh satu kapal dengan auntie....he he he...takpe..takpe...kita makan yang lain pulak about belalang goreng?..

  23. Ling

    hahah you gng to sibu 2nd round right hehehehe

  24. SK

    That is why give warning first la...Later readers makan breakfast liao come read terus vomit LOL

    goreng liao no feel. Taste like prawn jor. Deep fry pulak taste like peanut

  25. Dora

    if pan fry taste like prawns...if deep fried taste like peanut

  26. Mommy to Chumsy

    *fan fan fan* where is the minyak angin.

  27. Fish

    You eat fish also same mah

  28. Nava

    at first scary la but after goreng okie

  29. Auntie Marie



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