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Monday, 9 April 2012

A Morning at Sibu Central Market

WARNING : GRAPHIC CONTENT - The following images and/or content maybe disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Nice to relax after a heavy breakfast.

Next item in the itinerary to cross off is Sibu Central Market. 

Uncle Arthur had warn us to look out for Paper Wrapped Chicken. Mamarazzi was thinking that the Pasar(Market) have "Paper Wrapped Chicken" dish as in Restaurant Leong Ya at Seri Kembangan, Slangor.

There were quite a lot of interesting fruits and vegetables to be seen especially at the Natives Products Section.

From top left clockwise : Terung Dayak(Yellow Eggplant) only found in Sabah and Sarawak, Bamboo shoots, Midin (ferns ), Tempoyak and Cincaluk.

Lovely beads ornaments. 

Then Mamarazzi spotted the "Paper Wrapped Chicken" that Uncle Arthur meant.

Choose one and the old lady will weight it for you.

Eeny~ Minnie~ Mieni~ Moe~ you're the one that I shall bring home...opsss...cannot ah? Cannot bring home ka?

(Photos snapped by Auntie Claire)

Uiks...why these are cheaper? RM10 per bird. Me trying some "bird talk" with them. But Papa said guess this gives a new meaning to "Talk Cock".

WOOoooooAAAaa....what is THAT!?

Wiggly Sago worms! It's consider a delicacy to some at this part of the world. Not cheap leh. RM10 for 16 big fat and juicy Sago worm. Smaller ones costs the same but they gave you 20 worms.

Best eaten alive

Hmmm since we were going for dinner at Uncle Arthur's's a custome when someone invite you for dinner, it is polite to bring an extra dish. Sago Worms kira(counts) or not ah? Got me a bucket of Sago Worms to go.

Next we came to dried produce section. They have all sorts here. There were dried shrimps, dried anchovies, salted fish and etc. Auntie Claire wanted to look for dried fish roe but it was not in season. 

Ah Mah asked to buy Haybee (Dried shrimps) if the price are like RM30-RM40 per kg. However, the price here ranges around RM60 to RM70 per kg.

But one thing noted is that the dried shrimps here are pretty unusual. These are the ones that is usually found in KL.

While these are the ones found in Sibu.

The Uncle selling the Haybee said this is their famous "Ikan Terubuk". A type of salted fish that is unique there. RM22/kg.

I think you know what happen next, right?

Can you see the Uncle's happy face?

Can you guess how many "Ikan Terubuk" in the box? 

Phew!!! Sure the car and our hotel room gonna stink like mad. Next time, must visit some place that don't have Wet Market that sells Salted Fish punya.


  1. Sago worms... yes, best eaten alive. Auntie Little Bird's friend friend...not good eaten alive.

  2. hrm..ikan terubuk sells per kilo ah? normally I saw they sell by per fish...anyway, my family loves it very much! anyone who went to sarawak mesti bawa balik some!

  3. The sago worm really disgusting lor >.<

  4.'s so funny how you put the warning notice. i was a bit scared to scroll down. the chicken wrapped in paper is too funny. i've seen this before when Annie went back to Sibu. Never fail to make me laugh.

  5. LOL!!! Then after borong-ed a lot more things, had to change to a BIGGER box... Sibu, so many things to buy hor...

    If anyone asks you why Sibu hay bee are straight, you tell them it's because they are not gay! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. laughing at the paper wrapped chicken. I thought of that dish too. haha

  7. LOL...I also thought is the Leong Ya 'paper wrapped chicken' but then turn out to be....hahahahhaha.

    maybe nowadays in KL area very seldom people buy live chicken back instead will normally got it 'kau tim' in the market.

  8. Well, at least you are not been chased out from the hotel for carrying offensive smelly stuff! hahah!

  9. eeeeee......Sago Worms no wonder you warn the reader in the 1st place. The paper wrap chicken is so special. I can see the chicken look fat and healthy hahaha.

  10. Before i see the chicken picture, i thought is the yummy Chi Po Kei..but the chicken wrap in paper, look cute lar..the sago worm look so geli....

  11. luckily I have left early, else kena tag along to buy worm..ehhehehhe

  12. First time seeing paper wrapped chicken...

  13. I think one needs guts to try the worms. Wonder if I will be able to digest some of it.

    Thats also plenty of salted types of fish and yes, the terubuk is so good to be cooked and into some lemak gravy.

  14. thank you for the warning the worm/gruybs made me feel a bit sickly XD

  15. Your mamarazzi sure borong the lots in the central market.. till wanted to use the mandarin orange box! hahahaaaa...

  16. Wish i could join u all for the trip...

  17. Hahaha! I got tricked by your Paper Chicken. Hahaha! I was looking for some yummy chicken. Good one! Lol!

  18. i want the terubuk!

    eh did you eat the sago worm???

  19. Mmmmm..... Sodap la itu ulat sago O.o

  20. The "talk cock" part is very funny hahaha! Nice experience at the market. I find the "straight haybee" not that fragrant and tasty.. still prefer the normal ones.

  21. Cleff

    Little Bird eats Sago worms LOL

  22. AB

    Per kilo wor ...per fish ah???

  23. Choi Yen

    hehehehe hence the warning in the beginning of post

  24. Mummy to Chumsy

    Hahah coz some maybe "geli" sees worms mah while some will kesian see the chickens

  25. STP

    hehehe new box and bigger can put more lo

  26. mNhL

    Ya lo...Mamarazzi though it's really the the paper wrap chicken dish lo

  27. Jenny

    hahaha me too though Loeng Ya... yes, here normally kau tim in the pasar instead of buy home

  28. Vicky

    ya lo...some may feels "geli" seeing the worms

  29. Sonia

    ya lo...Mamarazzi thought so too

  30. Ling

    .... say borong for you you tak mau kekekek evil laugh

  31. Kitty

    the 'Ori' paper wrap chciken

  32. Nava

    Have to overcome the fear else will vomit out

  33. Naka

    hope it wont deter you from coming again

  34. Blackswan

    Mamarazzi thought can eat one also leh

  35. Blackswan

    Mamarazzi thought can eat one also leh

  36. Faizal

    Lol....special order from STP :p

    Ya ate the Sago worms

  37. Fariz

    kira okay first geli juga


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